Hot August for 2Miners: the launch of the pool Beam hardwork coins and upgrade Gminer

The last month of summer will be remembered for a long time. In August, the developers of the mining-pool 2Miners launched a Beam, and a few days before the debut hard forks cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the team focused on new product and spent a lot of time optimizing the pool Beam. Also in August there are new tutorials, and user Gminer and lolMiner pleased with an update with support for new hashing algorithms.

The contents

Mining-pool Beam

The team 2Miners successfully launched the pool Beam. Available modes PPLNS and SOLO.

Available ports on the other difficulty. If necessary, they can be found on the help page pool. Normally for pools Beam uses an SSL connection. Mine without SSL connection is also possible, but in this case you need to specify other ports. Their list is at the bottom of the page “How to start”.


For mining Beam on Nvidia and AMD recommend Gminer. Settings .bat file to start mining look like.

miner.exe --algo beamhash --server 5252 --port 1 --ssl --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

Don’t forget to replace YOUR_ADDRESS to the address of your wallet. Example:


Instead RIG_ID specify the desired name of the farm. Example:


Details about cryptocurrency Beam, its mining and including herath graphics card is in the article “How to create Beam? Features of cryptocurrency miner settings and the profitability of production”.

The first hardwork Beam

Debut hardfor the Beam was held on the block 321 321, which found on August 15. After activation of the hard forks the developers have replaced the hashing algorithm Hash Beam I to Beam II Hash. The latter’s task is to protect the network from ASIC miners.

For pool users 2Miners who have downloaded the latest version Gminer, update was a breeze.

If you are renting computing power on the platform NiceHash, use the algorithm BeamV2.

Common mistakes miners Beam

If you are a beginner in mining, it is strictly recommended to watch our video guides for the extraction Beam.

Please note that for payments your wallet needs to be online. In this regard, mine is usually easier on a local wallet, and the exchange — for example, Hotbit. We also did the guide to registration on site is also worth a look. Don’t forget to enable 2FA authentication, otherwise work with the exchange will not work. Russian subtitles in the video there.

If you want to use a mobile or local Beam wallet, don’t forget to keep it online. If he at some time will be without Internet, don’t worry. Pool will try to send the coins every two hours. And so it will not work.

The official Beam wallet may expire after 24 hours. So if you create it for payments from mining, change the setting of Expiry/Expiration to Never/Never. Even if the address ceases to exist, usually to obtain coins is still possible. Go to the tab, select the My previous addresses/My expired Addresses and locate the address. Then click the button with the three dots, select Edit address/Edit address, activate it and set the option Expiry/Expiration to Never/Never.

Update Gminer

Gminer has improved considerably in August. This is especially true of Harrachov algorithm Beam, which are much higher on most cards.

Starting with version 1.6, also supports the Gminer algorithm for mining Equihash 125.4 (ZelCash) for AMD graphics cards.

Team pool 2Miners updated Gminer in files quick start. Just download the file and unzip the files. Password — 2miners.

Source: Github

Follow the news of the pool on Twitter. Also feel free to drop by the chat users 2Miners and ask any (good) questions.


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