Hours Apple 6 will not come with the technology of micro-LED company

According to the manuals of new generation coming from the Apple Watch -which is the previous generation – will not provide monitors of the quality of the micro-LED and, instead, she’d come the previous with the same screen found in the current generation is Screen type OLED get them through Apple company JDI Japanese.

Recall that the company JDI (Japan Display) is one of the most important partners of Apple in the current time, the company has previously suffered from physical problems because of their investment in large LCD screens instead of the screens Olid a screen the most important and most invested in the current time, but the Japanese company to provide Apple currently screen the current generation of H by the value of 1.57 inches, in addition to providing them with IPS of some iPhones. and iPads.

Apple has invested $ 200 million USD previously in the company JDI, which shows that the American giant does not intend to search for any alternative in the current time, and time is not in favor of Apple to be able to provide the technology of micro-LED new perfectly.

Recall that the new Watch will feature sleep tracking finally to the side of the advantages of a healthy, sporting many, given to provide a former for the follow-up sleep, we expect to come to the arena with a noticeable increase in battery life, a feature even more fascinating.

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