Hours Apple TV 4 will come with bigger screen and different design

ساعة آبل 4 ستأتي بشاشة أكبر وتصميم مختلف

ساعة آبل 4 ستأتي بشاشة أكبر وتصميم مختلف

Published new reports that Apple is working on the launch of hours the fourth generation with a new design and larger screen, as well as longer battery life and to enable its continuity the best in the business.

According to data analysis company KGI, the Apple TV is working on the production of a number of models of hours of the fourth generation designs differ from the former, after the company launches its watches with the same design from the beginning of manufactured.

Is expected to launch a series hours new Apple TV at the company’s annual in the second quarter of the current year, the expert says Ming-Chi Kuo that the new watches will come with a larger screen at 15%, knowing that all the watches so far come in the size of 38 mm or 42 mm.

It is possible to include the shape of the watch Apple TV 4 edges thinner, which means a larger screen without the need to change the product size by making it larger, although the report published having a longer battery life but it did not publish any details about increasing the size of the battery or the coast.

Often be vague in the Details view of the products, where it refers to the modernization of Health sensors in Apple like but without mentioning any other details about the new format.

The analyst believes that the design will be more stylish, with the addition of sensors that control heart rate, as will be reducing the prices of the old models of watches, which will lead to record sales of Apple watches.

It is expected KGI to register Apple TV sales of high reach between 22-24 billion hours by 2018, sales soar by 30% for the previous year, it is believed Ming-Chi Kuo that the sales of the previous long term will reach 50 million hours per year.


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