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Announced Apple yesterday about the fourth generation for Apple Smart Apple Watch Series 4 under the theme “wrist life”, those art pieces that attached to Apple’s attention, which got on the new changes either in the design or the nurses after more than three years. Know us in detail on those possible changes revolutionary in the Apple Watch is brilliant.

Design and

Contain the Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 4 on the OLED screen costs approaching from edge to edge, with rounded edges. Is considered the screen is the main feature of which is characterized by H Apple TV fourth-generation, used Apple TV in that the screen technology to entirely new code-named “LTPO” a test for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide or oxide polycrystalline low temperature, which is about the electronic board is responsible for the administration of the pixels either turn them or turn them on and off. This technique is energy-saving. A technology provided not Apple patented previously, it has been since the time with the aim of improving battery life, whether the authority or the iPhone.

Not only the role of those panels to reduce energy consumption, but play an important role in determining the screen resolution and purity of sound. Thus is to achieve efficiency in energy consumption allowing you to use the hour all day, almost 18 hours after charging it only once as I mentioned the Apple TV.

And comes size two new, one 40 mm and the other 44 mm any bigger by 30% than hours Apple TV second generation. And made of stainless steel. Came to the bands of the Milanese. And also came in several colors, golden, gray, silver and black.

Given the previous interface will find it crammed with information, you can customize that interface and modify them based on your desire. Where you can add up to eight sections to know data on the screen, called Apple TV a property or a named Infograph or per new to be able to see more data, and can also accomplish more tasks in a flash.

You can choose the interface contains per solar system that contains the UV index, the air quality index, weather, and global.

You can choose the interface contain Per with: calendar, weather, and rate of the heartbeat, breathing, the Air Quality Index and enjoy.

You can choose per post contains: stopwatch, alarm, and world, timer, and sunrise/sunset

Over another with the calendar, activity, breathing rate and heartbeat.

It is applications for example, application to Breathe or explode, used by many to monitor the heart rate, when to use it just lift your wrist and take a deep breath and follow the instructions app.

And for the crown digital, redesigned also, it is smaller by 30% than the predecessors, but it contains more features than its predecessors by 21%. It also counteracts the haptic feedback will give you “a sense of a mechanic” when you rotate the Digital Crown, because of the presence of the editor of haptics, which added Apple TV.

Improved Apple also the quality of the images and uploaded the sound of Heaven by 50% increase from the previous, and move the microphone to the other side next to the digital crown to reduce echo during calls.

The back of the watch is made of black ceramics in addition to Sapphire Blue Transparent, which allows the passage of radio waves with the aim of improving the transmitter and receiver.

Specifications battery

Apple filed the new generation of the previous processor S4, described by Apple as more than just a processor, but it’s a system in package (SiP) integrated, in the sense that it performs all the functions and capabilities of ultra-small space. Considers the Apple Watch is the only product in the world that operate that technology. Dual core processor-core 64-bit is twice as fast as its predecessors, which ensures applications run faster, the strong performance for the operating system as a whole. Building on the processor and sensors, we will remember them after a few, the use of extracting information and data faster then my times from the previous generation. As for the battery, as mentioned, we will continue for about 18 hours almost.

Programs and private health

Will Apple Watch operating system WatchOS 5 contains a set of improvements to improve tracking of physical fitness and health, and wireless connectivity., the And more.

Accelerometer, gyroscope, and discover the fall

The former provider by the accelerometer, gyroscope and the New, where you can coast through them to get to the falls. Upon the occurrence of such incidents, you get an alert on the facade of the former you were to fall and you will be notified that they must contact the emergency or exclude stuff, in case I don’t respond to this stuff after 60 seconds will the clock automatically contact the emergency, and send messages to the persons identified in advance to contact you in case of emergency.

Improvements to the sensor pulse of the heart

Sensor pulse of the heart is not new, it’s part of the components of the VI since its launch, but Apple introduced improvements of which he can discover a low heart rate at a certain extent, in case if you don’t move for 10 minutes, then you notice down the heart rate which results to the inability of the heart to pump blood, oxygen, adequate to the rest of the body, which knows the human to what may have dire consequences.

The sensor electrocardiogram ( ECG) or ( EKG )

This is one of the more great features added by Apple for its new, is the sensor electrical impulses of the heart for EKG or recording electrical activity of the heart. Is used to detect any heart problems. It is considered the first of its kind in the smart watch today. This sensor is integrated in the rear part of the former is connected to the crown digital. Where you can create a drawing of the heart at any time, in any place, just open the application will directly create a drawing of the heart either by way of sensor optical pulsations of the heart on the wrist or through a sensor electrode by placing your finger on the Digital Crown will be stored that data on a PDF file and apply Health, easily can watch the EKG with the doctor, and thus will be faster to receive treatment instead of wasting time in Tests on other devices. It is noteworthy that Apple had received clearance from the food and Drug Administration the adoption of this technology and the adoption of its results. But unfortunately the app will be available ECG later this year.

The price and date of launch

Reported Apple that the new arena will be priced at $ 399 for the regular, either of which supports the cellular networks it costs $ 499. The former will be available for sale as of Friday September 21 that the booking starts from Friday 14 September.

What do you think of Apple Watch? And those new features are required and become indispensable? And you will explain it or write what you have? Tell us in the comments.


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