Hours Apple Watch future may support 5G may include a sensor gas, a metal oxide

Apple Watch Series 4

Support smart watch Apple Watch is currently the fourth generation networks LTE, but given that it is expected to be the 5G is the future of communication for mobile devices in general, we believe that Apple will at some point in the future release version compatible with the 5G networks of the Smart Watch Apple Watch. It has been today spotted a patent a new invention from Apple suggesting that the latter are already thinking in the creation of such a device.

Of course, it is still not sure when will the first version compatible with 5G of smart watch Apple Watch, knowing that he is not expected to see the first iPhone compatible with this new generation of wireless networks until the year 2020. Regardless of the 5G, it has also been the discovery of a patent other than Apple implying that this recent thinking also embed the sensor gas and a metal oxide in hours Apple Watch for the future.

Basically, the design of this sensor to test the air quality in the environment you are in. Given that the definition of a Apple Watch is usually as a medical device, the ability to track the quality of the air is logical. For example, for a smart watch Apple Watch thanks to this sensor to tell users whether the air is polluted today or not, which may prompt people to stay in the house or maybe wear a mask to avoid getting sick.

However, this is still just a patent, which means that there is no certainty that this would be achieved on the ground. However, they keep the patents are interesting, we don’t have to see Apple include some of these features in hours Apple Watch for the future.


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