Hours ECG smart.. The Best Wearable of CES

Back during CES a lot of electronic devices needing attention, look from smart watches from the company Withings, the French, like she’s superior to everyone else, what is the secret of the success of the wristwatch is dazzling is that?

Hours of intelligent hand

Surprise CES in January of each year, all what is new in the field of technology, whether a computer or a smart phone or a TV giant, now reveals to US technology exhibition held in Las Vegas, America, on smart watches, they seem to be the best you can wear in hand in recent years.

Took you long enough. police Withings the French this year the conference of the CES, during the hours of ECG smartphone, which looks like it will compete vigorously with Apple Watches that start their prices from about $ 399, don’t give up the prices of watches ECG barrier speeds up to 130, what looks like it’s going to give her a clear advantage to have a lot of users with the start of its appearance in the global markets through 2019 ongoing.

Distinctive and impressive

The water price for hours the ECG is not the only one, there are other features more important, the capacity of those smart watches to track human activity and measurement of ECG, and then send those measurements immediately to the attending doctor for consultation, this beside the ability of those hours French manufacturing to detect disease, atrial fibrillation, and to identify arrhythmia or not.

Have hours of ECG smartphone from Withings is also the possibility to track both speed and distance and height, in addition to a track automatically for a number of sports activities motion, such as walking, jogging, and also cycling, what gives the sports person exclusive features, can not be underestimated.

Also help hours ECG fan of the sport of swimming, by tracking them automatically also, taking advantage of the ability of those hours on the water resistant to a depth deep 50 meters, a mark on the track hours ECG people adjust their lines silent.

In the end, waiting believe hours ECG market in the second half of the current year, prices will not exceed speeds up to 130$, will be in the wrong with the friendliest users?

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