Hours Galaxy appear in the image stop the

No doubt that gear S4, the New will be of the best wearable devices by 2018, here’s a picture of expectations based on leaks.

As usual, it is expected that hours Samsung new size, mode, such as the classic model and model Frontera sport.

Hours Galaxy as entered by the Federal Communications Commission on the left, use stop on the right.

Based on what is revealed by the documents of the Federal Communications Commission the name of the new generation of hours Samsung will hours Galaxy, also revealed that there is one of two at least will come with a screen 1.2 inch, any smaller than that with the amendments to the neighbors of S3 with the same size of that with the adjustments gear S2 and the army sport, also revealed that the dimensions will be 51.2 mm x 43.4 mm, making it larger than gear S3 classic.

Dimensions H Galaxy based on the documentation of the Federal Communications Commission

It seems that hours Galaxy will be more like an hour gear S2 in terms of design, but may not be documenting the Federal Communications Commission accurate for commercial reasons.

Recall that the hours gear S3 is adopted in its design to allow changing the bracelets, which is what we prefer in hours Galaxy new.

Finally, we can’t say completely that the adoption hours Galaxy changes on the design, but what is contained in the documents of the Federal Communications Commission and the new name suggests.

Also, for the posts of the previous sensor or two to increase their capacity, where it is believed to improve the heart rate sensor and maybe add the feature of blood pressure monitor.

Anyway, is expected to reveal the Samsung hours galaxy at the rate of Eva, held during 31 August – 5 September.

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