Hours Polar is supported by a new user up to 40 hours

This topic hours the Polar is supported by a new user up to 40 hours appeared on Engadget.

Announced Polar recently about all of the hours my Vantage V وVantage M, with the feature of charging lasts up to 40 hours of work, with the price starts from $ 280.

Polar- new fitness watch-2018

Come hours Vantage V وVantage M new from Polar to target athletes in the monitoring of the heartbeat and track user activity throughout the day.

The first version of the smart watch is Vantage V, a higher-priced certainly where Polar this version at a price of almost $ 500.

With this high price for the Vantage V provide the Polar group of nurses include the optical sensor of a new heartbeat characteristic B9 of LED lighting, besides two of the possible color of green and red, a design that supports the user to read and monitor the heartbeat accurately.

Also supports hours Vantage V the user level to be measured accurately in the activity of jogging, thanks to meter the new power smart.

Polar offers both versions with built-in GPS, i.e. that the company does not provide model supports LTE networks, only the battery life which lasts in the user support to up to 40 hours during the user activity are leading advantage to support the athletes.

Also among the advantages offered by the Polar water resistant feature, as the hour comes the Vantage V with a screen with multi-touch size of 1.2 inch, characteristic accurately display 240 at 240 pixels.

Work smart watch on the lock screen is possible with Multi-Touch automatically when you start the training mode of the user, as available hours Vantage V colours white, black, besides Orange.

The second version of Polar is H Vantage M that comes at the price of $ 280 almost, where comes this version also features the same track the activity of training of the user.

Design hour Vantage M supports changing the laces, but they do not come to the programme of recovery mode possible in the hour Vantage V.

Versions of Polar of smart time allocated to training are already available now on the official website of the company, to begin shipping in the month of October next.


This topic hours the Polar is supported by a new user up to 40 hours appeared on Engadget.

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