Hours Samsung Gear S4 may take the name of the Galaxy Watch

This theme hours Samsung Gear S4 may take the name of the Galaxy Watch appeared on Engadget.

Registered the company Samsung recently all of the ‘Galaxy Watch’ and ‘Galaxy Fit’, which could be used in her future endeavors in wearable devices,

In present devices the Samsung wearable comes under the name of the Gear and Gear Fit, which is the name the company uses in many of the extensions for phones and small appliances, but it seems that things are going to change the year 2018, particularly in relation to the fitness and smart watches.

Where reveal one of the new reports for the brand which is published by the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark USPTO that Samsung have now Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit monike, but the question is Do you intend to police the use of, or they intend to protect intellectual property? But due to the tremendous success achieved by the group of the Galaxy in each of their versions of high-end and medium, so it is logical for the company to ensure their products are wearable under the same brand.

Which Galaxy is known widely which are connected also by the police, so some reports indicate the intention of Samsung is hard to re-label the lines of its current Gear and Gear Fit devices of its wearable, which may be the reason also solutions of male fifth hours Samsung Gear, so likely to be this is the time for this step.

But the downside of this step is the link that could cause such a step between the clients, so that the brand Galaxy which enjoy great popularity as they are very closely linked with Samsung.

But brand Gear was part of the brand for wearable devices for a long period of time, but what if what the company intends to do about this step, it will take a little bit of time to recognize then the company will start in began a new phase of success in the long term.

Now it is possible that the company Samsung presented the brand “Galaxy Fit”, may also mean that the company continue with physical fitness, which was witnessed by 2016 the issuance of all of the Gear Fit 2 and Gear Fit 2 Pro and since then it has calmed down the police talk about the fitness equipment and plans for the future by the name of ‘Galaxy Fit’ owned by Samsung in the following list Fit to be presented this year.

Nothing else could stop the advance call from Samsung for its next Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch, which is that the company is provided in two different sizes to meet all the needs of users, in the past it was available in a one size, and there was a lot of people who are demanding way more options to choose from, this is indicated by a recent leak that there will be two sizes for.

It is worth noting that, due to the popularity of hours Apple Watch and the three hours of the new perspective, released from the Pixel to the availability Samsung a tough competition this year.


This theme hours Samsung Gear S4 may take the name of the Galaxy Watch appeared on Engadget.

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