How air in the expansion display screen of the Mac on the iPad

Apple at the developers conference to preview the system running the macOS Catalina وiPadOS, and both include a new feature called Atlantis. Using the iPad and Mac, you can take advantage of the IMAX Port Vell in creating space for an expanded working by turning the iPad into a second screen is fully interactive.

Can both the two screens show different content or reverse the same screen at the ready. Made the Apple TV more details about the job and a preliminary list of applications that will work seamlessly with the air when it is released to everyone this fall.

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Containing a property of Atlantis on a range of basic features designed to increase productivity and creativity when working with multiple devices.

Can use pen Apple drawing, image processing through tools, painting directly on the iPad.

Also you can take advantage of Atlantis wired or wirelessly within 10 meters of your Mac, supports iPad use Touch gestures multi and the new additions provided with the iPadOS, including support continuity of focus and drawing.

ميزة Sidecar في توسعة عرض شاشة Mac على iPad

One of the most new features in Atlantis are the side bar of the program you’re currently using, and shows on the iPad to get the tests macOS, common and professional tools. Will support applications that use bar touch your MacBook Pro also.

Although the main features at the Atlantis may not work on all apps currently, however, developers can add special support to air which allows the full feature set, such as pressure sensitivity and support the tilt of the registry Apple TV.

Apple states that the following applications confirmed its support for the Atlantis:

  • Adobe: After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro
  • Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo
  • Cinema 4D
  • CorelDRAW
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro & Motion
  • Maya
  • Painter
  • Principle
  • Sketch
  • Substance Designer & Painter
  • ZBrush

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