How and what you need to clean the screens of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other devices

Coronavirus changed the attitude to personal hygiene of many of us. Now even those who earlier could just idleness to start rubbing his face on the smartphone, and now once again prefer not to take him in hand, and before it is thoroughly washed under the tap or treated with antiseptic. But one thing – disinfection, and many other household wiping screens, which from time to time require and smartphones, and tablets, and laptops regardless of whether they had contact with potentially contaminated. That’s just all use different cleaning methods, so we collected the ones that choose themselves.

Cleaning laptop screen is optional, but very desirable

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Do I need to clean the screen of your smartphone, tablet, laptop

In fact, I never had to encounter devices whose producers have demanded mandatory to carry out external cleaning. That is, this aspect is optional and, therefore, to implement it or not depends solely on the type of device you use, scenarios of use and your own personal commitment to purity.

Frankly, a smartphone that is always in your pocket, cleaned on a regular basis using any special cleaners is not necessary. Him to stay clean will be enough contact with the inside of your trousers or jacket, where you’re conveying. But if you are looking for, than to wipe the iPhone, for it our advice is also good.

Screen smartphones and rubbed myself, when you get it out of your pocket. But with a laptop that doesn’t work

But with tablets, laptops and desktop computers, the situation is a little different. Due to the fact that they are usually located on the table, and their screens are not in contact with surfaces that may be considered conventionally cleaning, they can accumulate dust, grease from finger touches and a lot more. So, without regular wiping is not good.

If you couldn’t wipe the computer screen

Once I have a few weeks do not wipe the screen of your laptop. No, it was not a principled position, and banal forgetfulness, coupled with the manifestations of my own laziness. No noticeable changes during this time with the laptop has not happened, however, once I got around, and I still rubbed it, removing a tangible layer of dust, I was amazed at how much better the image. It became brighter, and seemed even more intense. However, you so to experiment I do not advise, because there is no benefit it will bring.

Wet wipes for laptop screen

Personally, I prefer to use to wipe their devices wet wipes for optics of the “Ribbon”. Initially, I wiped their glasses, but at some point I thought to throw them away immediately after that it would be wasteful, so I tried to wipe the iPhone and iPad and then MacBook. In General, the results suit me, but then it turned out that after these wipes on laptop screen stains remain, although the screen of the tablet does not.

Swipe The Ribbon. Cost 30 rubles per 20 pieces, enough for three weeks

It is clear that to endure a divorce I did not want, and then after I use the wipes I decided to go on the laptop screen still and flap flannel material. He removed the small drops of the alcoholic solution which was impregnated wipes, but it does not leave any visible lint. Since I know of no other method of maintenance of equipment.

Wipe the screen with alcohol

My colleague, Alexander Bogdanov prefers for this purpose the solution-the steripod is a “Steigend”, which causes the screen of his MacBook Pro, and then rubs it with a paper towel. According to him, the result of his more than satisfied, especially because this way he kills two birds with one stone. First, it clears the screen of the laptop from dust and other contaminants that appear on it in the process of operation, and, secondly, and even disinfects it, that in current conditions is especially important.

But the founder Mikhail Korolev prefer a less sophisticated method, using a wiper to clean a MacBook Prowhich can be found in the Department of household chemicals of any store or online malls like ozone. Korolev, in his words, opens the notebook in half so that it formed a right angle, puts him on the top cover and put a solution, and then rubs it with a paper towel.

So Misha Korolev clean your laptop. The main thing — that the liquid will not flow

To place the laptop as shown in photos, is a must, to avoid getting the solution in the technical holes of the laptop. One never knows how he can penetrate in the mechanical hinge, which is responsible for the opening and closing of the laptop keyboard.

Can I wipe the laptop screen wiper

Our office when I found out that Mike uses a wiper, a lot surprised. Many have wondered whether it is possible to erase the oleophobic coating or anti-glare layer, if you clean the screen with such means. However, he assured us that he enjoys them for many years and during that time never experienced any problems. Sunlight do not tears, even with Misha’s old MacBook Pro, although the line as a whole was affected by this issue because of the factory marriage.

Swipe TechPoint are quite expensive, but well cope with its task

Artem Sutyagin, the author was the most generous of us. Especially for wiping the screen of their devices he buys napkins TechPoint. Standing on this Bank about 250 rubles and contains approximately 100 wipes, but, says Tom, if you’re broke to buy a computer for a hundred thousand rubles, worthless to wipe his shirt.

Does this mean that you have to use the same means as we do? Of course not. Moreover, it is possible that a technique any of us can ever be dangerous for our devices. Personally, I still have a feeling of horror at how calmly Mikhail Korolev talked about how to clean your MacBook Pro more than 200 thousand rubles ordinary windshield wiper, which his wife in the spring washes the Windows of their apartments. But as they say, to each his own.

How you care for your devices?

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