How and when to watch for meteor Perseids from August 11 to 13,

The effect of a meteor shower, causing particles of the tail of the comet swift — Tuttle. Moving on a highly eccentric orbit, it completes one revolution around the Sun for 133 years. When approaching with a star the comet nucleus partly evaporates, and the gases carry dust and small stones behind her, forming a bright tail. Despite its small size (a few millimeters), they have great speed, because when hitting the atmosphere, very bright flash. Particles hit earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 53 km/s.

The phenomenon of meteor stream Perseids happen every year. Its peak is in mid-August. This year the conditions for the observation of meteorites is especially favorable, because the maximum activity of flow is from the period when Europe and Russia would be the night. In addition, on August 11 the new moon is expected, this means that moonlight will not interfere with observations.

Where and how best to observe meteor Perseid?

Best of all Perseids will be visible in places where the sky is closed by clouds. For observing meteor shower do not need special equipment (telescopes, accessories, binoculars). Enough to go away for the city (30-50 kilometers) to the light pollution was minimal. Astronomers suggest for observations of the Perseids to get out of there, where more open Eastern or southern part of the horizon. 15 minutes before observing, stop looking at bright light sources (flashlights, smartphones, stake), to eyes accustomed to the darkness. Who have poor vision, don’t forget to wear your glasses. In addition, in August the nights are getting noticeably colder, so don’t forget just in case to take warm clothes. It is best when observing the meteor stream to take the situation lying down (bring a mattress) and try to observe the night sky continuously for 15 minutes (and preferably more).

The best time to observe meteor Perseid?

Best Perseid meteor shower (it is often called shooting stars) observed in the night from 11th to 12th and 12th to 13th August. The maximum peak activity of the stream falls on the night from 12th to 13th. the Observation should start with 22 PM and continue until around 3am. Watch for falling meteorites will be other nights, but it was during this period of time will be the maximum activity of the meteor. According to the forecast of the International meteor organization (IMO), this weekend the frequency of meteors will reach 120 per hour.

Is it possible to photograph falling meteors?

. With SLR and the skill of work with slow shutter speeds.

When will the next meteor storm?

The Perseids – an annual phenomenon. Who is not lucky this time with the weather and cloudiness, you can try your luck next year.

The next meteor shower is called Draconids can be observed from 8 to 10 October. This other meteor showers, and they are not as active as the Perseids. Their predicted frequency drop of the order of 15-20 meteors per hour.

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