How and when you can watch the conference Huawei tomorrow to announce the phones P20

Tomorrow, Tuesday 27 March, at two o’clock p.m. the wind, will be a Huawei launch event phones P20 leading officially in the capital of France, Paris.

You can follow the live broadcast of the event from the Huawei channel on YouTube. And what about us, this event is P20 Pro, which will be launched in the Arab region, the P20-Lite is the particular Nova 3e launched by Huawei few days ago, the P20 will not only stop markets for selected Asian and Europe.

Depending on the suspense of Huawei in the past days the most important thing will be P20 Pro is the rear camera of the tripartite 40+20+8 maps, along with the front camera of the 24 maps, and their artificial intelligence.

It is rumored that the P20 Pro screen will come for 6.1 inches accurately QHD+ dimensions 19:9, and his handler Cairns 970 with the random memory 6 gigabytes come with two options of memory storage, 128 or 256 gigabytes, wash performance battery 4,000 mA.

In addition, Huawei released the trailer for the issuance of P20 Pro design Porsche, it would be the same camera setup background the tripartite, but in landscape mode, as it will come back bigger, 8 gigabytes RAM, with 512 gigabytes of storage capacity, and it will be symmetrical often with a P20 pro with upgrade the design of the structure.

This and stay tuned dear followers coverage directly through our website, social media and YouTube direct from Paris on the clock.

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