How Apple bypassed the ban on iPhone sales in the US

Tricks when developing iOS updates, which went to Apple to eliminate violations of the patents Qualcomm, it is not allowed to demand a ban of iPhone sales on the market of the United States of America, found out Ai. Despite the arguments Qualcomm, insisting on the limitation of sales of smartphones Apple is illegally using patented technology, the international trade Commission United States does not satisfy this requirement.

First of all, as decided by judge Thomas Pender, the demand to ban iPhone sales with Intel chips, even if they do use developments Qualcomm, cannot be satisfied for objective reasons. In the case that the sale will remain the only smart phones with components from Qualcomm, this will lead to the imbalance of power and in fact will form the approved government monopoly, which is absolutely unacceptable in the conditions of market economy. However, Apple was ordered to promptly eliminate the violations.

Ban sales of iPhone

The decision of the judge was on hand, Apple, angry Qualcomm. Under the guise of public interests, Cupertino retains the ability to sell infringing smartphones, making minor changes in their software. The argument that Apple’s lawyers presented the international trade Commission, consisted in the fact that the company needs six months to make sure you made the changes to really work.

To tell the truth, judges ‘ decisions, which allow companies to continue selling products that infringe other people’s patents, are the exception rather than the rule. Such loyalty on the part of the authorities may allow Apple, if changes are found to be ineffective, prolong the test again, and then another and another, while retaining the ability to flout the law and the interests of the former partner in the face of Qualcomm.

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