How Apple could turn Apple TV into a full-fledged gaming console

The intention of Apple to turn the Apple TV into a competitive gaming console at first and even looked quite promising, froze almost immediately. To gain mass popularity the original console, the company didn’t help either powerful by the standards of mobile devices hardware, nor the audience of loyal fans. It seemed that the history of the Apple TV as the device for games finally ended in September, when support console refused the developers of Minecraft, called the product of the company from Cupertino is inferior to third-party platforms. But really there’s nothing you can do?

Many developers recognize that the Apple TV even after significant upgrade, which occurred in 2015, it still remains a niche product that can’t even compete with NVIDIA, not to mention Sony or Microsoft. This is confirmed by low download titles that are popular on iOS. So, if an indie game Kingdom: New Lands for a particular period of time has been downloaded on iOS 54 thousands of times, then the Apple TV is only 600. Realizing that their efforts may not pay off, not to mention make a profit, the Studio, glancing apprehensively at tvOS.

Why you need Apple TV

According to developer Patrick Hogan, the low popularity of the Apple TV is a consequence of ignoring the Apple of the realities of the console market. The company is not paid to promote the console enough attention and continues to position it as a device for watching movies from iTunes. To change the situation, you need to create for Apple TV a new way and to rethink the scope of supply, said Hogan. Only then unpopular device to interact with iTunes, which has become unnecessary in the era of Smart TV, will sparkle with new colors.

How to turn Apple TV into a console

Most importantly, according to the developer, Apple should their actions show that she cares about her product.

  • For this the company needs to develop a full-featured controller, which is necessary to complete each instance of the Apple TV, even if it will negatively affect its value.
  • In addition, Apple would have to create special tools for game development under tvOS, so they didn’t look like a ported version for iOS.
  • And finally, the third step should be investment in the creation of exclusive games, as do competitors, thereby increasing the attractiveness of their product.

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