How Apple determines which device from lying next understand the command “Hey Siri”

Even in iOS 10 have the feature that activates the voice assistant of operating system at the command “Hey Siri” not immediately, but only on the right. But as Apple determines the device and what to expect when several devices with voice assistant Siri?

If you raise your hand with your Apple Watch, and say “Hey Siri”, a voice assistant will be activated on the clock. In the case when you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Mac, Siri will respond to the device you are using. If all devices are at rest, and nearby there is a column HomePod, that it will respond to voice command (although the command will need to say in English).

Is selected as the priority device

The voice command “Hey Siri” is able to activate the voice assistant without even touching the device started to work in September 2014. Originally the function required, the device must be connected to the power source. Later, the coprocessor is allowed to listen to commands without the need to awaken the main processor. It is possible to implement the function with reduced power consumption. The voice command started to work regardless of were the device is charging or not.

First, the team reacted just the iPhone. Later added iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and HomePod. A large number of devices that are able to hear the team has forced Apple to develop a special script for all devices.

After you say the phrase “Hey Siri” launches into action a complex process. All your devices communicate via Bluetooth with each other and decide what device should respond. Priority will be given to the following devices:

  • Device that can hear you better;
  • The device, which recently raised;
  • The device that was recently used.

If you do not use and do not raise any of the devices, and you have a column HomePod, the team will react column. It is equipped with six microphones. This means that she can hear you better than other devices. If you do not have speakers, will react the apparatus which put up the latest, provided that all devices are nearby and can hear you equally well.

How to use “Hey Siri”

This knowledge leads us to the fact that if we want to activate the Siri voice on a particular device, we need to pick it up. You should know that if the iPhone and iPad are on the table face down, they will not react to the command. In addition, the function will not work without charging on devices older than the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

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