How Apple has transformed the main problem AirPods into a successful business

Far from perfect sound quality and complete lack of noise reduction is not the only and, it seems, not even the main disadvantages of AirPods. After all, if they are many users know from the very beginning and be willing to put up with them, here on the tendency of headphones to falling out of the ears and loss does not reflect virtually none. No one, except Apple, which managed to turn this lack of AirPods in a full-fledged business, to build which many can’t even with the main product, not to mention secondary.

Loss AirPods irritate people more than the absence threshold

High popularity AirPods, which grows from year to year, invariably leads to an increase in the number of people under certain circumstances lose one earphone of a pair. According to analysts ‘ estimates Wedbush, about 5-7% of the owners of AirPods are faced with the need to re-buy the lost accessory. It even does not have to be a loss, because the earphone may be damaged, requiring replacement, but anyway it was on the return Apple is doing a good cashier.

How much Apple gets from the replacements AirPods

If this year Apple will sell around 62 million sets AirPods for a total amount of 11-12 billion dollars, which, according to researchers Wedbush, more than likely, only one replacement will bring the company about $ 700 million. A huge amount, if you think about it, the more that she is aloof because it does not relate to the sales of the main product.

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Replacement is a stable and, most importantly, profitable business. In fact, explains Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush that users lose AirPods from the first day of their appearance in the sale and will continue to lose them in the future. Besides, he notes, only a very small percentage of users prefer not to apply for a replacement. Their share is so small that it can be neglected, and therefore Apple can count on the regular visits of those who want to buy lost a pair of his AirPods, and in the future.

The Loss Of AirPods

The loss of the AirPods is a real epidemic. This confirms the staff of the new York subway, who each year find ways dozens of lost headphones. Usually they fly out of the ears of the user on exit from the car, when they face the passengers come into the car. And I must say, this problem is typical not only for new York but for the whole world in General. Maybe so, so Apple refuses to sell shoelaces to hold AirPods together.

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