How Apple will change the keyboard of future MacBook

In 2015, Apple showed a wide audience 12 MacBook with a new keyboard, “butterfly”. Now it seems surprising, but at the presentation the representatives of the company stated that the new design of the keyboard was at times more reliable, and keystroke – more stable. Four years later, we can summarize – a bold experiment failed and this year Apple will completely abandon the problematic of “butterfly” in favor of “scissors”. But is there another alternative?

Failed the “butterfly” in MacBook Pro

Keyboard “butterfly” is a failure

To admit their mistakes, it is not so simple and Apple struggled with “butterfly” by releasing as many as four generations of keyboards. Each new revision of the keyboards had their own distinctive features.

For example, in the last generation “butterfly” the Corporation has replaced the silicone lining on nylon polymer, in the hope that new material can better resist the ingress of dust and fine particles. Revelation happened — independent tests have shown that the reliability of the keyboard still leaves much to be desired. But if you have problems with keyboard MacBook Pro 2016-2019? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

How to solve this problem? Two possible options: to return to familiar and trusted mechanism of the “Scissors” or to develop a new keyboard with a minimum number of mechanical elements. But to choose, apparently, does not have to — Apple is considering both scenarios, and it indicates new was patent.

An innovative mechanism for the keyboard

Apple offers to replace old mechanical components inside the keyboard to the system of light emitters and sensors. This means that under every key is a separate led corresponding to the key.

Design of keys and operation

The principle of operation is simple but at the same time brilliant. A special sensor detects the amount of light when the button is not used. Then, the same sensor measures the light when the button is clicked. Check the clicking occurs in a “balance point”, that is, in the intermediate value.

The mechanism involves the use of transparent materials

Design each key involves the use of transparent materials. This means that the light necessary for the operation keys can be used to illuminate the keyboard.

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The patent also indicates various degrees of tactile feedback when using the keyboard. The answer for this will be a special vibration motor.

In theory, the design is based on the emitting component looks much more reliable. The mechanism of this keyboard virtually eliminates the use of mechanical elements, which means that the button simply cannot “sticky” or fail due to dust.

This development looks really promising. The main problem is that while the technology is described only on paper — meaning that development can not be implemented in a real product.

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