How are “Teams” for Siri after a month from the day of release?

In September 2018, after a few days since the release of iOS 12, Apple released app Shortcuts. With it, users can create their own voice command assistant Siri. For example, you can make it so that when the command “Go home” assistant plot a route without traffic jams and was a playlist of favorite songs of the user. According to Cult of Mac, the new features are very popular among users, but some application developers are not ready to take them on Board.

Apps like The Weather Channel, CARROT and Dark Sky are used by people to obtain a weather forecast for the next few days. Users also came up with many ways of interacting with semitechnical Evernote: quickly send interesting links to friends, create voice and text notes. Users with the most advanced fantasy manage to create teams for scheduling and viewing tasks in the calendar.

Unfortunately, Shortcuts don’t always work so perfect. For example, an application Tile to search for a lost home keys and other items works through time: the app often does not respond to the command “Hey, Siri, where are my keys?”. It is noteworthy that the application of the Walmart store refuses to work with Shortcuts, but the developers say about the compatibility.

The authors of the Cult of Mac believe that some application developers at the moment are simply not ready to add support for Shortcuts in their apps.

Shortcuts app contains more than 300 teams. To view the list, go to the app and click on the button “add to Siri.” You can also go to the paragraph settings “and Siri search” — the system will find suitable team on the basis of installed applications.

How many custom commands you created in the Shortcuts? Your answers can be left in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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