How are we going to squander bitcoins in clubs? Joe Rogan on Bitcoin

In one of the latest releases of podcast Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan spoke with a member of the hip hop duet Run the Jewels Killer Mike. Mike immediately brought up the topic of trying to end poverty and get rid of crime, which in the case of the United States once again being eroded. His sentiments resonate with a number of political and economic pillars, striving again to stimulate the production in America. Rogan noted that most people view the poor as a source of crime. In the end, the conversation surfaced cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

Killer Mike speculate on the possibilities to reduce the index of poverty in the United States, including proposals for social housing and assistance to mentally unstable people living below the poverty line. He raised a very interesting topic “rektifikatsii” program, in which successful rich people can buy property in their home cities, thereby helping the economy of a small country. In turn, Rogan started talking about cryptocurrency and asked the interviewee if he’s connected somehow with this industry.

It would be a brave new world

Actually I don’t really understand all that financial stuff. I just put a lot of money in the S&P 500. About cryptocurrency, I do not know. Of course, I’m learning how to make more money.

Then Rogan himself picked up the theme, saying that he was just fascinated with cryptocurrencies.

I admire them. The idea of a decentralized economy. […] The amount of money that the banks control. If you stop and just think about what is happening with the fed and their actions with all the money. And as the dollar appreciated abroad… Now if it was something that all would believe and that would not be controlled by a handful of selected people interested only in profit. This is something that would be called Bitcoin and it would be a brave new world. Absolutely everything would be different.

Killer Mike interrupted him, agreeing with the prospect of significant changes in a world without Fiat currency. But put the question bluntly – whether the bankers to implement such a system? And how will we live without money, how are we going to”squander bills in clubs”?

In response Rogan said that Bitcoin will eventually become a sort of “dollar bills”, just we are not ready yet to understand how it will be.

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