How are you planning on Nikon to rival the camera phone Sony A9 professional?

To Nikon to expand the lineup of the camera without the mirrors own after asking Nikon Z6 and Z7, but the question remains is how will this distribution in any direction?, the Revealed the head of the company there as it will launch the “equivalent” without a mirror for its flagship D5, did not provide a timetable or details of the art on that version associated with, but clearly intended from the D5 camera features high quality, high speed and has a sensor that is very sensitive to lighting which is what gives it versatility and accuracy in the ambience of low lights.

Can Nikon beat the Sony

نيكون تخطط لمنافسة كاميرا هاتف Sony A9 الإحترافيةNikon is planning to compete with a camera phone Sony A9 professional

What we put forward from the specification is the average of all the confirmation of new transactions, which is based only on the benefit of a few years of technological progress in the world of photography, although the company president did not mention it but there is no doubt a bit that this model of the future of the company may be able to appropriate a camera phone A9 from Sony, simply still Sony pulls the Nikon (and Canon) in the market and in the area of the lenses without a mirror.

If not, Nikon is seeking to switch lens cameras as a whole where the company is trying to with the Nikon D5 to prevent professional photographers from switching to Sony, and for him this is extremely important, but at the same time are the keys to the pads of the camera are expensive by nature (rarely lenses cheap), and that may be more expensive for one of the Giants of the cameras to restore the people.

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