How augmented reality can improve the iOS interface

Augmented reality can be the basis of iOS, making the operating system from Apple is more convenient to use, proven members of the British studios Special Projects. They developed the concept of the user interface Magic UX, interaction with which is based on the work ARKit, as well as gyro and accelerometer. With their help, the user can control individual functions of the operating system, just by moving a smartphone in space.

The organization of space in the Magic UX are as follows: the user assigns multiple virtual points, hover your smartphone which will execute pre-established actions. This allows you to quickly switch between apps, scroll through content or drag and drop media files.

One of the functions of iOS, which managed to simplify the developers of Special Projects, is drag and drop objects between applications. Due to the ability Magic UX to the interaction with the space, users can not transfer files, carrying their finger on the screen and moving the phone right or left. It is much easier transferring photos or videos from the Photos in the window of application “Mail” for delivery to the addressee.

How to control your iPhone with gestures

“In the real world, we used to use a Desk for the organization of its work — our computer, pen and notebook — all is here, explained co-founder Special Projects Clara Gaggero, Westway. — However, we almost never use physical space to navigate the digital world. Many gestures and movements, so natural to human behavior, can facilitate the use of digital devices, and that’s what inspired us to create Magic UX”.

Another interesting feature of the Magic UX, which is provided for developers — geolocation, allowing you to create multiple profiles: work, home and so on. Thanks to it your smartphone will be able to understand that you came into the office and automatically activates a profile that includes a set of applications that you use in your work, then turn it off.

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