How Bitcoin will affect the future society?

Andreas Antonopoulos — man with great influence within kriptonyte. In 2014 his book Mastering Bitcoin was a good impetus to the rising popularity of Bitcoin around the world. At the time, Antonopoulos deeply analyzed the prospects of cryptocurrencies from the point of view of both technical and fundamental analysis. Recently he gave an exclusive interview in which he shared his views on the future of Bitcoin.

As you see, the high volatility of the crypt will play a role in the mass adoption of digital assets?

Volatility is an inevitable factor that accompanies the small market size and low liquidity of digital assets at the moment. When volatility occurs during a downtrend, with traders starts to panic. When she appears during growth, investors become euphoric, turning a blind eye to sober analysis of the market.

Fortunately, more experienced players already know that Bitcoin price is moving in certain patterns that recur with surprising frequency.

In any development needs the blockchain for mass adoption around the world?

Each new technology will not spread as long as its principles are not implemented in a simple and understandable way for even the novice user. The blockchain just need more creative people.

What good and bad happened in the industry over the past year? Now we’re closer to the adoption of the blockchain than before?

In the case of Bitcoin, the debate over scalability gradually disappeared due to the fork. Now everyone can choose their own strategy for the development of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, the forks was the cause of many misunderstandings, as different projects try to use the same brand.

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But altcoins are just beginning to encounter the first serious problem of scalability, which was observed in Bitcoin three years ago. Developers are faced with a difficult choice — they will have to sacrifice some part of decentralization and anonymity in favor of speed of transactions.

What will be the impact of blockchain technology on society in the coming years?

I think the situation in the world will affect decentralized platform for Finance and management. They will be a real salvation for people who can’t get full access to traditional banking services.

Holes in the coverage of financial services in the world is not “a bug”, and a direct result of the regulatory policy and the behavior of intermediaries in different markets.

Due to globalization the world needs something new that will meet the demand for faster and cheaper international transactions. The relevant technology is already there and no one was able to throttle or stop.

If the governments a chance to end the existence of Bitcoin? Share your opinion in cryptodata of hontarov, there and discuss.


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