How can companies use emerging technology to block Qi to protect your privacy

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Company oasis Labs Oasis Labs, which is headquartered in the city of Berkeley, California to design a platform to overcome the performance limitations of security and privacy depending on the technique the technique of block Qi Blockchain.

She said without sung, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Berkeley and CEO of Oasis Labs: “using technology to block Chi to bring about a revolution in many areas of our life, while many developers and organizations have understandable concerns about the performance limitations of privacy that currently hinder their ability to adopt new technologies, so the aim platform of the Oasis to give users control of their data and at the same time provide superior levels of performance and privacy, our goal is to build a decentralized Internet scalable and secure, which puts users in the first place.”

I’ve allowed the outsourcing of data storage and processing via the Internet companies a lot of flexibility to deal with users ‘ data and gave consumers the ability to reach a large number of services through their smart phones, but caused the same techniques in data theft and violation of privacy in addition to the new forms of electoral manipulation.

For its part, song said that the company’s emerging Oasis Labs can reduce some of these problems with the help of the technique of block Qi, that is the new form of record keeping, secured encrypted and inspired by the bitcoin digital currency.

Announced Oasis Labs, has received funding worth $ 45 billion this week, through a combination of risk capital funds in Silicon Valley investors of digital currency. The Sung and one of the partners founders to test some of the ideas already through assistance in installing safeguards to the privacy of the new transport company of the participatory uber Uber, which has suffered in the recent period of some incidents of penetration of privacy.

In 2014 you know uber Uber to some of the charges that executives and employees had spied out the movements of the customer using tools like a map called “God View”. Two years later the company reached the settlement with the Attorney General of the state of New York has promised the protection of location data users.

The idea for Oasis partly in the year 2017 when the helped song and two graduate students -one of them participated in the founding of the company – uber is adding a safety net is more developed to protect privacy.

Contributed researchers at the University of Berkeley in the construction and dissemination of an open source tool that works to reduce what is known as his staff of uber about the individual customer through data analysis passengers. Where the use of this tool to a technique called privacy differential differential privacy, which has been designed to protect the identity of individuals, even when the alleged data anonymous. As also used by Apple to collect data from the iPhone without risking the privacy of the client.

The staff at the system uber to query the database, for example to summarize the flights of the modern in a certain area, where you algorithms assess risk and that demand will cause the leak of information about individuals, and they inject random noise in the data to neutralize that threat. If the query was for the recent trips to the big city, will be used to the noise of the few or non-existent; and the same thing when you query for a specific location like the White House website and will be adding more randomness.

Don’t use privacy software differential subsidiary of uber technology block Qi which is the type of system records the digital protected by encryption, which can to assess and make the changes or additions. And the song if systems privacy and security can be much stronger if technology was used to block Chi.

The song: “the companies that build systems for privacy or security attached to the report of the block Qi that we will be able to provide assurance of encryption to each other, or to their customers so that their systems will what they were promised. As our company is trying to provide infrastructure for the safety and privacy of the internet, which we pay the price for it.”

As you enjoy the platform Oasis Labs also host small programs, called contracts, smart contracts, which can be generated in transactions between persons or companies different. This makes them similar to the item ethereum, the second largest system encryption. But the snow Qi provided by Oasis Labs specifically designed to enable security applications as they are built on the research of the University of Berkeley that played the song it makes the system more scalable and practical by the largest of the block Qi of the existing.

As song said the company is by talking with organizations in healthcare, Finance, e-commerce, hoping to take advantage of platform Oasis when released fully, maybe over the next year. Has shown one of the e-commerce companies large interest in building the internal controls of privacy such as aweber, and share more of the data supply chain with partners with the protection of commercially sensitive information.

Another project is building a way for patients to donate eggs for medical research in machine learning. Will use the technique of the Oasis to emphasize to patients that it can not convert their data for other uses. As for the maniacal Security Plan Oasis to integrate its software with a security chip open-source development by the researchers of the University of Berkeley and mit similar to the slide that supports the security of the iPhone, to protect contracts smart life against the flow.

It is worth mentioning that the company oasis Labs Oasis Labs launched at a time when the projects block Qi some problems of credibility. The total value of all work processes of the encrypted cryptocurrencies more than $ 250 million, also put investors in risk capital, more than a million dollars in the companies block Chi emerging over the past year, according to CB Insights.

As said Christian Catalan professor in the School of Business Administration Institute of Massachusetts: “the use of technology to block Chi has become the trend new, for example, helps researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology in the development of ZCash which is a coin Bank is designed to minimize the transaction number of completely anonymous, which is doing work of bitcoin. How engaged JP Morgan JP Morgan in the project, stating that the anonymization can help the companies in maintain that financial resources are more private.

Also launched in the past year, professors from Cornell University and Northwestern University startup called Labs bloXroute to make the digital currency more viable, where the problem of lack of extensibility is the largest work of the bitcoin وethereum.

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