How can Samsung and LG make foldable phones more durable?

Foldable phones become more reliable over time, so you only have to look at the differences between Samsung's initial (Galaxy Fold) design and ( Galaxy Z Flip ), however, there is still room for improvement, and both Samsung and LG are exploring ways to improve durability. In foldable phone screens.

ETNews learned that both companies, Samsung and LG, have applied for patents on ways to reduce the amount of stress on foldable screens, as LG has developed a (control layer) that will protect the flexible OLED screen to reduce internal pressure, The company has also tested it, and (LG) has confirmed that the new method greatly reduces stress.

In the meantime, Samsung has explored a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the joint that will loosen its grip while the phone is folded, which reduces the internal pressure again, and the more force it exerts, the less adhesion.

These are patent applications, and they won't necessarily translate into products, but the ideas here are relatively realistic, however, they've undergone some kind of testing, and it wouldn't be surprising if the technologies you see here became a reality at some point if they hadn't already.

There is definitely pressure to improve reliability, as foldable phones are not quite common yet, but they are advancing rapidly with devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, that have larger and more advanced screens. The more Samsung and (LG) efforts to improve the life of foldable screens, the greater its chances of reducing phone costs and designing phones that are likely to spread in the future.

It is worth noting that Samsung officially announced its foldable smartphone (Galaxy Z Fold 2), along with its two smartphones (Galaxy Note 20) and (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra), and its two tablets (Galaxy Tab S7) and (Galaxy Tab). S7 Plus). The new phone comes as a successor to the (Galaxy Fold) from last year, and it features a new camera system, a larger external screen, in addition to making the front camera inside the screen. The (Galaxy ZFold 2) – which matches its name with the foldable Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Flip 5G phones – is Samsung's first major update to its flagship foldable phones, and it appears to have got an improvement on last year's phone flaws.

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