How can The design of snapchat old iPhone

Was the design of snapchat’s new sentence of criticism, and discussed some solutions to return the old design, and already found the solution involves a trick, and had actually succeeded when you try it on the iPhone X.

Steps to restore the old design less

1 – grab the app 2 – Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > turn off automatic update of programs 3 – Download snapchat 4. Enter the e-mail and click on Forgot Password 5 – chose the re-appointment by telephone (when you use the code on your phone, enter it in the app, and then set the new password) 6 – log, and snapchat returned to its former shape When the ends of the steps must be guided by the design of the snapchat old, but a spokesman for the company said to Mashable that the way it works temporarily, and if I have to force stop the app and then you open it again will be a new design again. Any company snapchat know about this service already, and did not act when it will be shutdown, but Twitter advised re-install the app that says by memories backed up because it may be lost, and to complete the backup, go to: Settings > memories Memories and then perform the backup. Service work on the iPhone confirmed by experiments, while we don’t know if it also works on Android except that the service potential effectiveness.

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