How can the Gulf region to continue to embrace artificial intelligence

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Everybody now knows that the technique of artificial intelligence will be the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution, where it is expected to inform the economic returns to global this revolution in the region of about $ 16 trillion.

In addition to these proceeds is expected to create a technique of artificial intelligence 2.3 million new jobs by 2020 according to Gartner research, and if we look to the revolutions of the former, history shows us that these revolutions were always accompanied with the loss of jobs for a temporary period, and then followed by a recovery period where they become job opportunities at its peak, this means that we all need to take steps now to prepare technical artificial intelligence for the future.

The launch of a wave of productivity

The analysis found jobs during the World Economic Forum that the adoption of artificial intelligence will help the Gulf region to expand its industrial base, diversify their economic activities by their independence and reduce their dependence on oil and gas exports.

State of the United Arab Emirates in particular this policy through its strategy to provide artificial intelligence, which is covered by this strategy is the development and application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the field of transport, health and aerospace, renewable energy, technology, education, and Saudi Arabia in the same path with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who pledged $ 500 million to build the city a new technique called “Neumann”, which will be connected entirely by artificial intelligence andthe Internet of things.

With the start of the technology companies focus on making their business models based on artificial intelligence, it is not surprising that the bay area in the forefront of this evolution.

If the product sold by taking every opportunity in her way to move forward towards the adoption of technologies and trends in artificial intelligence, this is in line with expectations, which suggests that check the technique 2 percent of the total global benefits by 2030.

If you have been directed this technique correctly will be the impact on productivity is very large in the region, as will the artificial intelligence technology wave of productivity in the banking and financial sector and we can see it clear through successful models such as “Majid Al Futtaim ventures” and the “Jumeirah hotels and resorts” which uses advanced techniques of Business Intelligence to enrich the experience of their customers and marketing campaigns that are effective and privacy.

Used projects Majid Al Futtaim chat “chatbot” to the public, internal and external, in order to enable its employees and delight its customers as well as the use of artificial intelligence for Predictive Analysis to represent them and uncover the fraud.

We are also seeing the adoption level and continue to provide artificial intelligence in the government services has benefited Dubai electricity and water authority of the natural language processing technology cross-platform services of Microsoft’s build program chatbot customer service in ramasse which was launched last year.

Stay at the forefront of expectations ensures continued on-the-job

It is expected that the impact of artificial intelligence on current jobs and the ability of this technique to repeat and accomplish some tasks more quickly, a greater range of people, and in some areas could surpass the artificial intelligence technology in learning faster than humans, it must be noted that artificial intelligence is a tool, but the human element are the ones who use it to change the world.

Will improve the technique of artificial intelligence according to Gartner research, the productivity of many functions, as well as will millions of new jobs, while it will affect many other functions, and where can artificial intelligence replace the business easy to like the work of bots.

It is important that we remain at the forefront of expectations and to find opportunities to expand our knowledge and skills, in addition to learning how to work to organize more with the technology.

Study showed another world, issued by Accenture to the adoption of artificial intelligence will create many categories of new jobs that require skills are particularly important, this difference will form the instructors assigned to teach artificial intelligence systems, as well as the staff assigned to explain how to bridge the gap between technology and business leaders and specialists who ensure that that the artificial intelligence systems work as designed.

Obviously that integrate human intelligence with the artificial intelligence technology will become more important than ever, so that they become sign learn binary the trend.

Have signed Microsoft’s recent Memorandum of Understanding with Dubai for the future to support the initiative “one million programmer cart”, where the aim of this step is to bridge the skills gap cloud among the youth to build a workforce ready for the future in addition to accelerate the processes of innovation, competitiveness, and economic initiatives of smart in the country and the region.

Integrating science, technology, engineering and Mathematics with the Arts

Excel youth on staff currently in employment, and for their ability to develop the skills necessary for the roles of the new with ease, it is also necessary to require our education system constantly to provide young people with the appropriate skills, as well as way of thinking to ensure their success in jobs that may not be available yet.

Division of tasks between human and machine, we must re-assess the kind of knowledge and skills that must be transferred to the future generations, for example, there will be no need to technical skills for the design and implementation of systems of artificial intelligence, but personal skills such as creativity and emotional intelligence will become more decisive in giving human beings the advantage on the machines.

Will require Artificial Intelligence Technology to specialize more and more people in digital skills and data, but the tension in the world based on artificial intelligence involves more than science, technology, engineering and Mathematics, because computers behave like humans, the social sciences and Humanities will become more important, as it can be language courses, art, history, Economics, ethics, philosophy, and psychology courses in human development, philosophy, and behavioral useful in the development and management of solutions for artificial intelligence, this according to Brad Smith, the head of Microsoft intelligence AI research, and his deputy Harry shum, who recently wrote a book called “the future improves” Which begs the How to deal with artificial intelligence and its role in society.

It is interesting that such institutions as Stanford University says the actual implementation of this approach is forward-looking, where the University offers a program called “CS+X”, which integrates Computer Science degrees with degrees of the Humanities, thus obtaining the bachelor degree in arts and Science.

As Microsoft collaborated with the Dubai of the future, in direct summer camp to provide artificial intelligence works to train students and hone their skills, this step is intended to support the strategy of artificial intelligence states that focus on basic industries such as transportation, health care, Aerospace, renewable energy, technology and education.

Moreover, we have recently in collaboration with a leading global company in the field of education, where James “GEMS” to pay the operations of the digital transformation in education, and explores this partnership also how to use the artificial intelligence system within James, as well as encouraging the adoption of artificial intelligence within the classroom.

The youth of today are the workforce of the future, so look forward to offer our support in upgrading the area’s future with a view to prepare them for jobs of the future.

Revision of laws and development

To ensure the achievement of this type of development, the onus is on policy makers to reconsider the current laws and how the inclusion of the new regulations, as policy-makers to identify communities most at risk of losing their jobs, and then develop strategies for their reintegration in the economy.

Despite the fact that artificial intelligence can be significantly beneficial in many areas but he is weak in certain areas such as health care, may, for example, avoid doctors, use this technique for fear of making any mistakes, and to avoid this we need to clean and eliminates the gap between the pace of technological change and changing operational response, as it will be necessary to develop regulations to enact laws specialized for the new system.

Preparing for the future

The intervention of the economies in the shadow of the convergence of the latter group transformative technologies in the process of being given the opportunity to provide artificial intelligence to overcome physical limitations and open new sources of growth and development, in order to avoid losing this opportunity, policy makers, business leaders must be prepared and work for the future of artificial intelligence, we must do so without looking to Artificial Intelligence Technology as a solution another booster of productivity, but a must-see artificial intelligence as a tool can shift our thinking and the way we work for growth and development.

Microsoft hosted earlier this year, the Conference and the effectiveness of the event is the first of its kind in the Gulf region, which runs for four days where they invite customers of the public and private sectors to see how to use the tools of artificial intelligence to solve problems and contemporary challenges in the real world, have shown the event the power of artificial intelligence techniques to decision-makers in Information Technology and give them the opportunity to experience capabilities such as machine learning, advanced Analytics, and natural language processing, the Among the institutions that participated in this event, Dubai municipality and Dubai multi commodities centre and MBC group and the University of the United Arab Emirates and du telecom company Al Jaber engineering & contracting and Abu Dhabi future energy.

In the end it’s up to our peoples and our economies to begin to be part of the industry, these techniques, or abandoned.

How can the Gulf region to continue to embrace artificial intelligence

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