How can the notifications that you deleted by mistake on Android?

Have you ever done the deletion notice on your phone by mistake, and I wished there was a way to retrieve this notice.

In fact, there’s a record on the notification exists on phones running Android raw, as there is no way to retrieve the last notification is deleted on the phones running Android 8 or 9.

The date of the notification

You can add a record the date of the notification as a “wedge” network key by following the below steps:

1 – Tap and hold an empty space on your home screen.
2 – Choose the Widgets from the bottom of the screen.
3 – drag down and select the Settings shortcut or settings shortcut.
4. choose Notification Log or record of notifications.
5 – put the window widgets on the Home screen.

Now you can click on them and you lose the notification of the former.

As we mentioned, you won’t find this option only on Android raw, they are the devices that come for the original without any interface and edit them, including phones, Pixel and some devices Chinese middle class.

Retrieve notifications deleted

The method of alternative and more practical, work only on devices running Android 8, you can use the application Unnotification to re-display the latest notifications which you have deleted.

Download Unnotification

After you install the app and open it for the first time, grant it permission to access notifications necessary for his work when he asked you, through the App Settings you can create a list of apps that you won’t want to retrieve its notifications anyway.

When you delete a notification any application (except the list of apps banned by) or notices of a single sentence, a notice will appear from the application of the Unnotification you can retrieve any earlier notice; delete this notice means the lack of possibility to refer to the original notice after that, that knowing that the notifications that use them through the app, you can’t interact with them (reply to the messages or share a photo of the screen) as was available with the original notice, but you can click on it to open it or delete it just.

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