How can you change the Font in your phone the Android without disruption of the SafetyNet

تغيير الخط

You can easily install your favourite phone with great wallpapers and ring tones and symbols, but what about fonts? It allows you to all forms of Android change plan your system, and even when they do, the options are often limited to a small number of tools. Also some root apps root apps to open the system font in your phone to customization customization, but some of these programs can cause problems now, where Google provided a security procedure called SafetyNet.

Say SafetyNet to verify the non-manipulating Android, but this makes it difficult for the users root or root root and customize their devices at the system level. If you tour the mod root for SafetyNet, you will lose access to applications protected by digital rights management such as Netflix, applications-oriented security like Android Pay. Fortunately, there are still ways around that topic. In the next lines, I’ll explain how to switch the system fonts without give SafetyNet so you can customization without concern.

  • Requirements

  • Unlocking bootloader Unlocked bootloader
  • Access to to root Root access
  • Install Magisk
  • Terminal app
  • Step 1: Download the MidnightCore Module

From the Home screen Magisk, click the menu button on the left and then the “Downloads Downloads “. After that, click the search icon on the right and look for the “MidnightCore”, or type “midn” will be the first and only choice available to you. Then click the downward arrow on the right, and then click the option “Install Install ” to start the installation process.

Then after it will ask you to press volume up the volume up key to confirm the installation, but after that, it will install the script files and the permissions required on your device. Once you have a successful install, click the option “restart Reboot ” on the bottom right to restart your device so you can start using the unit.

  • The second step: open Terminal

Containing some of the devices on the Terminal application built-in list of options developers developer options menu, but many devices don’t provide this feature. Therefore if you know that your device supports this feature, you will need to enable it from the options developers developer options menu, the following I’ll explain what you should do.

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You will need to download a Terminal application from the Google Play Store so you can perform commands based on the control unit. Overlooking one of my favorite “Termux” a tool highly recommended for all orders related to routine root.

  • Step 3 you should run the commands Commands

You can do this through the following steps:

  1. Open the Terminal app to the Home screen, type the command Su, then tap Enter:
  2. When prompted, press “allow Allow” in the pop-up window to enter the root root. And you can make the necessary changes on essential system files of your device.
  3. The next thing we must carry out after the grant of permissions to users is: midnight
  4. Will this unit Magisk for the first time. This is also the method that will be applied by the unit in every time you want to make any changes to the system fonts you have.

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  • Step 4 Choose the new line New Font

You must now go to the main menu of the unit MidnightCore will be presented with some different options. And for the sake of this guide, we will focus on changing the system fonts you have. By clicking on the screen to show the keyboard if it does not exist already, then type “1” in the command window, and then click Enter to launch the section “MidnightFonts” of the module. Once you begin operating, you must print a large list of fonts that you can choose from.

It is worth noting that there is currently no way to address lines of the unit itself, but there is a topic you can view examples of each. Just go through the list and find one that looks interesting to you – in my case, I decided to try a AppleMint. All you have to do is type in the number you want in the command window and pressing Enter to start the installation process. Then it will prompt you to save offline, so Type “1” and press Enter to confirm it.

  • Step 5: Complete the process

Once that ends, you must return to the main screen of the unit where you can close the process at any time from this point. Using the application Termux, drag the notification and click on “EXIT” to close session terminal, the terminal session from the memory. That’s all there is to it! Then you have to restart your device to activate your new.
If you want to restore your device back to the default font, you can do so from the main menu of the module.

To re-set the font, Type “r” in the command window, and then click enter, followed by “1” to select the option “MidnightFonts”. Once you do this, it will reset the font settings of your default to the default mode, and then restart your device to see the changes. Some of the fonts correctly across all applications and all aspects of the system, however, must continue to challenge where the unit receives new updates over time.

This is certainly the best way to change the system fonts without worrying about the problem of the SafetyNet.

How can you change the Font in your phone the Android without disruption of SafetyNet

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