How can you check the privacy and security add-ons Google Chrome browser pre-installed?

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He became the Chrome browser is the most popular browser among the all browsers on the market, where it controls nearly 60 per cent of the market share across all operating systems, core as of June 2018, according to Statcounter.

Regardless of the speed and ease of use and safety of the user interface of its own, remains one of the key points in the browser Google Chrome which distinguish it from other browsers is its support for tens of thousands of plugins that cover practically all the needs of the user. Add-ons Chrome fun and make you more productive at the same time, so you don’t need to request custom software to your needs because you will find similar programs in the Chrome Web Store the Chrome Web Store.

What are the Add-ons Chrome Chrome Extensions for?

Add-ons Chrome is a small applications that are installed inside the browser in order to provide the advantages of outdoor such as automating repetitive tasks or add specific functionality to the potential of the Chrome is clear, as can add-ons Chrome to the techniques of web programming such as JavaScript and HTML and CSS. This leads to reduce the barrier of entry for developers or even programmers to hobbyists, and they can write extensions to the assets and resources of the relatively few.

Why would be add-ons Chrome serious?

Add-ons Chrome is a small applications that exist within your browser, so it is likely that they have full access to all your data such as the websites you visit, the content of these Web sites, data that you enter in some models -such as passwords – and more.

Containing additions of Chrome on the system permissions of the multilayer can lead to a narrowing of the access of an individual to your data you need the extension, but such a system is effective only with people who use it, so if you accept every permission request to add Chrome without any thinking you won’t be able to do anything to protect your data.

Google normally scans all the plugins that are sent to the Chrome Web Store, but there are still some harmful additives that are sneaking across the network. And for the record, Chrome allows to install extensions from third-party websites through the so-called installed the Application Programming Interface included with the inline install API, but Google announced that this function will be disposed of gradually, beginning from the version of chrome 71 in early December, the boat will be removed by installing the Application Programming Interface built entirely of options to developers.

But this is not the only problem, where is the update add-ons Chrome automatically, so even if you have taken the necessary precautions and looked for Add-On before installation is good, can protects update add something that is not suitable for you, the developer sale addendum to purchase other or may be breached and become the target of a cyberattack, there’s a lot of scenarios that can make the Addendum harmful even after the install, so you should monitor the Add-ons Chrome, not only at installation but also after the Install to avoid any order may lead to the exposure of your data at risk.

The things you should check before installing any new addition to your browser:

Make sure you actually need to this Addendum, this is not about as well as you intend to install, but rather the extent of the Security, where will all add you add to your system the likelihood of your exposure to attack, so if you don’t need to actually do not install it.

Create a personal profile fake on Chrome Use To of the new additions first:

I don’t think checking new software fun, but it may be a part of your daily work. After all, How can you know whether the addition of Chrome will help you to increase your productivity without installing it? No longer create a profile Chrome new fake for testing purposes precautionary measure sensible can help in the absence of a lot of errors, to disconnect the browser real that you use for your business where all your accounts open away from the profile of the Phantom user for the test and then add the layer of security.

Be careful not to install any extension from outside the Chrome Web Store:

Google has done already to impose this policy on additions to Chrome, which has been published after June 12, 2018. But if you ever install one of the plugins from somewhere outside the Chrome Web Store, peel it off now and look for an alternative to the official in the Chrome Web Store.

Google said that by September 12, the judge will disable this function for additions to the existing. Regardless of where you click to install the Add will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store this is a good thing, according to Google also will remove the installed application programming interface that is included needed to install plugins from outside the Chrome Web Store starting from version Chrome 71.

Google said that: “the descriptions and lists of features in the Chrome Web Store is vital to help users make good decisions on whether they need already to add certain or not.”

But please note that the software developers will still be able to install listed locally for testing by enabling developer mode.

Make sure you are installing the Add correct:

This may sound very easy but it is not so, earlier this year the company revealed AdGuard -a company providing products for the prohibition of advertising – from a list of five add-ons to malicious Chrome, which have all led to a breakthrough, more than 20 million users, the following is a list of these applications:

  • Add AdRemover for Google Chrome (have more than 10 million users)
  • Add open Plus (owns more than 8 million users)
  • Add the Adblock Pro (owns more than 2 million users)
  • Add HD for YouTube (it owns more than 400 thousand users)
  • Add the Webutation (owns more than 300 thousand users)

Here is a list of alternative plugins corresponding to the terms:

  • Add AdBlock (owns more than 10 million users)
  • Add Adblock Plus (owns more than 10 million users)
  • Add AdBlocker Ultimate (owns more than 750 thousand users)
  • Add open (owns more than 500 thousand users)
  • إضافةuBlock Origin (owns more than 10 million users)
  • Add open Plus Adblocker (owns more than 800 thousand users)

Be sure to read the description of the extension carefully and Privacy Policy:

Read the description of the extension carefully used until the end, where that one of the reasons that insist Google in add-ons the Chrome Web Store is to contain a description of the lips is mandatory. There may be extras not malware Express passed check the safety of Google but still follow the security procedures and Privacy Policy is questionable, such as tracking information or participation data, when you read the description of the extension you will be able to assess whether it is appropriate to trade some privacy and security functions of the host.

إضافات متصفح جوجل كروم

Be sure to check the location of addition on site:

Not every add Chrome to the web site of its own, there are some plugins common that are programmed and maintained by individual developers, but in case if Add Web site to check good, where to check your website in addition will give you a picture of a more informed and can help you make the best decision, look for signs that this work is not the content such as spelling mistakes or bad english.

إضافات متصفح جوجل كروم

Check out the number of users of the Addendum:

Avoid plugins that do not have only a few users, this may be the project is good and innovative, but if you don’t have the skills or time necessary to conduct a thorough investigation in the Addendum, don’t bet on them, so in this case go to the most popular plugins with good evaluation.

Read assessments add-on the Chrome Web Store:

Actors can harmful to the establishment of good comments on the Chrome Web Store and make it look good. If you see only the comments that you know love to add without giving specific use cases and the evaluation gives a rating of five stars, think twice before installation, there are always a few users who believe they have found the best of what is new after the invention of the internet, but in general the users of cyberspace are smarter than that.

Check the permissions requested by the addon at installation:

Must be the permissions requested by the Add logical and should be as limited as possible, for example: does it make sense to require the addition of capture the image of the company access to all your data, keep in mind the description of the extension. For example, if you claim to add functionality to a particular service such as Gmail that they want access to all your data on all the domains that you visit do not install it.

إضافات متصفح جوجل كروم

Check the code source to add:

This step is not for everyone, but if you have the skills and the time needed to verify that the code Addendum. Where can add-ons Chrome to the techniques of web programming such as JavaScript and HTML and CSS, so it can read the source code returned only if the developers disperse them in one way or another. Where are hosted many of the plugins on GitHub so you can watch them and download them easily.

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