How can you use conventional engine WordPress

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How can you use conventional engine WordPress

How can you use conventional engine WordPress

As I told you, ask the platform WordPress blew everyone a new version is Php 5.0 , which bring new advantages for the training of months in the world.

Of the most prominent features of the new version is the engine of Gutenberg new of which depends on the system block in writing and can adapt his severe add content.

The new editor apparently did not find people enough after maybe slow down a little bit from the operations of the extra topics I have some not used to it enough yet.

How do you come back to use the old quarry

Anyway, still you can go back to the old (Classic Editor) and use it until 2022, the date of termination of support by WordPress.

The old quarry subtractive as an addition on the shop one , you can install it and work it out, as you can move between it and the new editor at any time, even if there is more than one author in your blog, you can enable any of them choose the default editor between the new and the old.

Engine WordPress traditional

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