How can you use more than one account WhatsApp via PC?


Has some users more than one account on WhatsApp, and they can use them with ease via smart phones, but they face difficulty in doing the same thing on the computer, so display location Gadgetsnow simple trick lets you use two different accounts of WhatsApp via the same browser without any problems.

First, you must open the in your web browser as well as on a smartphone or tablet.

Once you’re done, you scan the QR Code the QR code is scanned on the screen by using your tablet or smartphone to start using the account WhatsApp.

In order to open an account WhatsApp different via the same browser, it open a new tab, then paste this link tab – and press enter.

Once you’ve done that you’ll see the same screen with the QR Code the QR Code, then scan the code again using the other account, to gain access to two different accounts under August via the same browser.

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