How congratulated the technology companies of the Muslim month of Ramadan?


Made sure a number of technology companies on the celebration with Muslims marking the holy month of Ramadan, and this through congratulations to the beginning of the month of fasting, and also in some advantages that will enable them to worship and enjoy the sun and the holy, and Google and Facebook and YouTube highlights those companies.

Facebook has with the Muslim site

The location social networking “Facebook”, by the holy month of Ramadan, the publication shows all users around the world congratulations on this occasion, and wrote the site :”the team hopes to Facebook to take advantage of the spiritual operations of the holy month of Ramadan, and abound, they of shocks to inspire people in your community and across the world to do good.”

Google introduces the advantages of the qiblah, prayer times,

Google said that when you search for the word “Ramadan” in Google, you will find the user a comprehensive set of customized information and appropriate to each state, and includes useful tips related to Ramadan sunset times, prayer times in Riyadh or in Cairo, and will change according to the geographical location, as well as to apply the kiss that works without an Internet connection, the application “pencil” to send congratulations.


The company announced youtube owned by Google is about providing the advantage of Muslims to monitor more recipes Ramadan popular on Youtube, and all are available in search results, in addition to Programs and serials of the most prevalent.

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