How delete messages Facebook Messenger 2019


I don’t think messaging apps are good at deleting messages with spelling mistakes or feelings are wrong or that have been sent to the wrong person, but lets you apply Facebook Messenger now make it through the following steps:

We sent all messages to regret on sent, whether a typo, or a conversation wrong, or something a little less than desired sent., the But now will you Facebook Messenger delete messages – if you do so in a timely manner.

The following here’s how to delete messages on Facebook Messenger:

The application Facebook Messenger

But first, you should know that this method only works as of February 2019 with the latest updates to Facebook Messenger so you have to make sure to update the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone to get on the water.

How work this feature

In the older versions for iOS and Android Facebook Messenger, there was an option to delete the message, but it is deleted only from your side, once you change the optical. Can still person the recipient to see your message! It is very annoying, and is also evident to the user.

Now, you can delete the message from your side and on the recipient’s side also, but there is a simple problem which is that you must do this within ten minutes of sending the message, by pressing and hold the message then select Delete, you will then either “the removal of all or” the removal on your behalf“, where clicking on the “remove all” to delete the message from your side and from the side of the receiving party shall be final.

But you can’t delete the messages this way in many chat applications, so it’s good to see that you can do that in the end the application Facebook Messenger.

Has been reported to TechCrunch that the messages Mark Zuckerberg may choose from the chat while the rest of the messages of the other party, causing a stir, it took about 16 months to bring this feature to the public, but within 10 minutes just send it to the recipient.


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