How delete tweets Twitter old – three safe ways to


Have you ever thought about deleting tweets Twitter old, but their number was much greater than to be deleted individually?, the Definitely Twitter is a great place to share your thoughts and tweets with your followers, but sometimes needs some to start fresh on Twitter without a loss to follow or people who follow them.

So I present to you today three ways to model the process of deleting tweets old tweets quickly and effectively.

A way to delete tweets Twitter older:

  • The application of TwitWipe:



حذف تغريدات تويتر

TwitWipe is an application located on the web in full, the app says to delete all your tweets old in simple and easy steps to a fresh start on your Twitter account.

Before you start Please note that this service you delete tweets permanently by 100% and can not be recovered or copied.

  • The first step: go to the location of the service from here .
  • Step two: click the Sign In button with Twitter and enter your account information. Then accept the terms of service
  • Step two: once approved, the service will be re-directed to the first page of the site. Click on link to start survey to start the process.
  • TweetDeleter:

حذف تغريدات تويتر

TweetDeleter is a third-party service is not free, will be your service a few dollars to access the full features, but it will allow you to delete tweets unwanted with the possibility to filter it according to specific categories or a specific time without that feeling follow you something in simple steps.

  • Log on to the site from here.
  • Select the plan of payment appropriate for you: “Premium” for 5.99$ a month to delete 3000 tweets a day. The level of “Unlimited” to delete an unlimited number of Twitter for 8.99$ per month.
  • After selecting the plan, the site will automatically look at your tweets the old wish in reference to Twitter and upload a copy of the archive of your tweets before you delete it.
  • Then you can refer to the Tweetdeleter delete tweets that you want.
  • TweetDelete:

حذف تغريدات تويتر

This website is completely free but it does not allow you to delete a large number of tweets, the site allows you only to delete the tweet until a specific date and a maximum of 3200 tweets, this site is useful in the case of twitter the Ltd, but if she tweets a lot you will need to make that work the counter more than once. For the time the site click here .

This is the most effective way and safely unlike sites and applications gas reliable that leak and break through your personal data, so be careful when dealing with any of those programs gas from a reliable source, preferably not exposure to it in any form.


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