How did convict you a text message came from your phone, and you’re innocent?

كيف أدانوك برسالة نصية SMS صدرت من هاتفك وانت بريء منها ؟

The theme of this article is very important and serious to beyond the border and a lot of innocent people go victims of ignorance or lack of know-how and “just to clarify” when we publish this kind of articles we don’t want the forum to help the crooks and criminals that the actions of the weak self a criminal born and therefore will not need to any help to become what it is , but our responsibility is to put those topics with the secretariat and a technical and Professional Responsibility to recognize the ways their torsional out our responsibility to the Torah and Share this article.

Imagine with me this scenario .. someone close or a stranger and you with some problems such as was the case between the two of you , he agreed you that person in SMS messages sent from your phone number !

You’ll find that these threatening messages are already sent from your phone number ! At the time not to send any messages.
No matter how surprised you would imagine that the killer will discuss with you ! Did the judge know the means of fraud technology? Of course not.. he won’t know and therefore would Masirah with his own eyes and can judge you locked away pending investigation.

This scenario is just an example there are a lot of such examples as those that fall between young males and females , can someone reserve some girl, and her father, she wrote to him, imagine us facing it and how will the actions of the father with his daughter.

Many of the factual scenarios that up the mission to get out , we’ll show here how this process and how you can try it yourself but we again ask the consideration of these lines for the purpose of awareness.

How did convict you a text message came from your phone, and you’re innocent?

For process, first you have to download this app from Google Play Store on behalf of the FAKE TEXT MESSAGE

Fake Text Message

This app records more than a Million process download received ratings of 4.2 points, when you have installed this app and login to the interface by the chair will appear in front of you an empty box at the top.

  • Work here to enter any number you want to get the message to your phone.
  • You will find in the special box to write the message text in the language in which you want , and then press on the FAKE .
  • The app will ask you its adoption as the head of communications instead of the official app. Do it even temporarily to turn.

When you click on the Fake , there are to box the text messages that you know SMS will have a message there from the owner of the number you chose and the text you typed.

Now that you’ve got some of the knowledge conversion modes you may ask yourself Is there any way to protect yourself and those who depend on these methods to strike your.
Practically there is no way to protect yourself from these allegations and the only way to work on sharing information that it is only a stunt is performed by applications, and when everyone knew that there is a possibility to implicate others text messages will this information to law enforcement to find other ways to prove the credibility of this kind of messages.

How did convict you a text message came from your phone, and you’re innocent?

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