How did iPhone 11 Pro Max in Tests at DXOMark to?

Longer DXOmark site is months Site global specialist in the evaluation of cameras whether for smartphones or professional cameras DSLR the wait for Friday’s assessment of an iPhone 11 Pro as the preferred site to delay the evaluation until the release of iOS 13.2 support feature deep fusion photography, so as to be accurate and comprehensive. Already released the update last week and a few days later issued a site assessment of the new iPhone. So how does the camera of iPhone to months phones the world.

Before we start

The following article is the kind of news which we transfer information, not the entity that made the testing and evaluation. We’ll check him against the numbers of the iPhone with the months of the 4 phones is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro as the situation on first place equally with Shawty CC9 Pro but Huawei months even if the exclusive inside China; as well as phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 because months and more Android phone in the category of the Supreme best-selling with his brother S10 the third phone is the Google Pixel because it is simply a phone company Google; and the fourth is the OnePlus 7 Pro which is the Black Horse in the world in terms of phones

The general evaluation of the

Shows a general assessment of where comes iPhone 11 Pro Max overall assessment 117 points thus maintains second place with the Samsung Note 10+ while in the lead Huawei dead 30 Pro those CC9 Pro number 121 points. Comes phone OnePlus 7 Pro at the fourth position to the number of 114 points Google’s pixel in sixth place with 112 points.


To go more in detail any assessment of still images and export video find ratings as follows

Still images


Believe Huawei phone dead 30 pro rating the sound the number of 132 points.


Came phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in the third grade, the number of 126 points


IPhone 11 Pro Max in the third row the number of 124 points


Phone OnePlus 7 Pro at the fourth position to the number of 122 points


Phone Google Pixels 4 in the fifth place to the number of 117 points

Assessment of the images shows a clear superiority and big Huawei on Friday

The quality of the filming video


IPhone 11 Pro Max topped the list and got 102 points in this handout have Apple in its conference when he said that the iPhone 11 Pro offers the highest video recording in the phone World. It is reported that the dead 30 pro Google Pixel announced after iPhone 11 pro.


Google Pixel 4 seems to point to miss its core is the video where they came in third place with 101 points, any difference of one point on the iPhone.


Huawei Mate 30 the pro in third place with 100 points


Shared Samsung phone Note 10+ Wu plus 7 Pro fourth place with 98 points

The filming of the video miss the iPhone, although the differences were not significant

The most important classifications

DXOMark evaluation comes a major evaluation is comprehensive and is based on the 2 assessment of the branch as we have explained “pictures and videos” and all of the photos and videos featuring internal standards, where the evaluation of the images on 10 ratings inside the video Vito divide it into 7 evaluations of the subsidiary. And overtook Apple is absolutely on the phones to compete in the following evaluations:

Night photography: harvest iPhone 53 points in this Miss You Huawei with 61 points, telephone Samsung 59 points, telephone Google with 56 points, a telephone and Plus with 53 points.

Imaging clearly, Wide: claimed iPhone 40 points in this issue the first place equally with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ came phones in third place with 34 points then I plus 28 points and choose the Google phone to not fit on the water.

Rounding: Huawei phone is in the lead with 91 points and then the Google Pixel 81 points then Samsung 78 points then Apple 74 points then OnePlus 71 points.

Video stabilization: shared Apple, Google, and Huawei lead the number of 94 points then Samsung 93 points and finally OnePlus 91 points.

Image classification the detailed

Of course we can’t cover all tests in an one and saw the following pictures and compare for yourself.

IPhone 11 Pro Max

Huawei dead 30 pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

OnePlus 7 Pro

Google Pixel 4

Phone Shawty CC9 Pro which did not enter the US comparison in the article, but for those who wanted to know more about him, this is his assessment of the iPhone in the quality of the filming of the video by the way.

Of the best?

We know that the answer is obvious his best is Huawei dead 30 pro; but we have before making a choice of the best or to criticize the tests and to know that you’ve seen better, more professional photos with a phone so and so, you have to put the following points in your mind:

Professional photography: there needs to export and can easily be offers you great images camera average; while the average person probably has a better camera but the skills of the first make you find the picture of the most beautiful.

What is your living for the better? There are 17 standard as we mentioned here to test them; maybe you’re a person most of your photos do Zoom Zoom they will phone Mate 30 Pro best a huge margin; while another often captures a wide angle they will say that the iPhone 11 Pro is better for him; while a third would prefer to portray Albuquerque “portraiture” will tell you that the best phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, I thought first in the most important points of the quality of the photos and videos from your point of view and then decide is best for you.

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