How did you alter focus on the Google Phone Pixel 4 before announcing it?

A few weeks ago, and did not stop leaks day for the mentioned phones, Google Pixel 4, which is the same story Pixel 3 a year ago, it has sold units stolen on the sites of foreign, to say the YouTube is excreted publish reviews full of the phone before it was announced!.

The Pixel 4, we do not know his story, how he got YouTube to excrete it before know?.. But the point they stressed the features of the phone, but until there’s a sample picture, but we doubt the authenticity will come as the modern.

What are the benefits of Pixel 4 which have been confirmed by Acer’s?

Of Channel AnhEm TV

– Design became without notes The Big Spam, and Google to the edges of the full screen.

– Despite the fact that phones Pixel 3 comes with a camera background of mono, it seems that the Pixel 4 XL big come back with the trilogy.

– It is said that under the phones thinks its metal layer of texture, such as found in phones Pixel 2.

– The screen supports a higher refresh rate, and with Smooth Display follows automatically between 60 and 90 Hz, making the transition between the soft and smooth.

– The advantage of Smooth Display the aforementioned negative impact on battery life, so there is an option to disable them.

– The default camera app received a new design where it has become the export options below the Export button. But it seems that the application is not completed the design yet.

– Feature Ambient EQ-like feature is True Tone in iPhone, and change the lighting of the phone and its colors automatically according to the lighting of the surrounding environment.

– I checked the specifications in the following phone Pixel 4: screen Olid 6.23 inch accurately 3040 x 1440 pixels – processor Snapdragon 855 – RAM 6 GB.

Channel Rabbit TV

– Provide 3 colors of phone Pixel 4 XL from copper or orange, and its texture metal only Black who enjoys the touch glass.

Read also the theme of the incision of the screen are gone.. the “pit screen” coming this year!

– Browse feature Smooth Display also.

– There is a sensor of the imaging front advanced feature recognition three-dimensional face.

– Cameras in the Pixel 4 XL: the background consists of a main 12-megapixel camera and a second 16-megapixel camera and a third haven’t confirmed their role yet, too wide or the camera time of the flight. Front consisting of a main 8-megapixel and secondary 16 MP, working as close to often.

– Confirm advantage of the optical zoom up to 4 times at least, has reported the leaks it will be available until 8 times.

– Samples from photo camera Pixel 4 XL you’ll find below, but there is more reason to not believe her.

First, know phones Google Pixel as the best in photography for months after launch, while Google moved from using the camera mono only three cameras does not seem clear difference in the results as I thought from generation to generation. The second reason which has been already mentioned that the camera application seems incomplete, and thus due to software sound processing are the same existing in the Pixel 3, and the new phones Pixel 4.

This has been reviewed by the mask Duy Thẩm phone Pixel 4 XL but it did not come with additional information.

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