How did you help the company “WakeCap” sector interviews?

In the course of preparation, research, completing a Ph. D., Not in front of Dr. Hassan Balawi any problem in the sea. As much as he has his conclusions and solutions to problems I didn’t create yet and knows anything about it.!

The story began with the termination of the doctoral research, where she was the algorithm that works it Balawi learn the machine, how to connect them with wearable devices “Wearables”, and its focus on reading brain signals and then converted into a practical application.

After the completion of the stages of the technical programming through the preparation and creation of machine learning algorithms, and then applied to the brain signals in order to measure the level of sleepiness, it turns out not the entire project.

Then he began to Balawi in the search for the “market”. What is the market that is interested in the level of sleepiness and brain signals, what is the best application for this research?

In general you adapted technique to solve the problem of the list, but Balawi had to create the process from scratch and then search for the appropriate market to develop. As he told us, “I started to, then proceeded to look for the problem”

Hence the launch of the company and “WakeCap“which was designed to measure the level of sleepiness in workers in the construction sector.

After soaking buluwi in the entrepreneurship sector and held a lot of meetings in the entrepreneurial environment, note that the more inquiries that he does not revolve around the drowsiness.! “They were telling me: it doesn’t matter if he is working in sleepy or not. What matters to me is where he is right now.”

In the interviews be the work space is so huge and spread more than a thousand workers within the work space, and that challenge hits us-buluwi this example “in the workplace you have 1000 workers, 200 of them Factor be their task is to control 800 door two”

Hence, change the business model completely question-Balawi to yourself; How do I introduce this technique to the construction industry and solve this unique problem. “Where are working now?”

During the modification of the business model shared-buluwi on the experiences of previous companies that tried to enter the sector technical interviews, even with respect to those challenges in order to overcome and provide a better experience of them.

And the challenges of the construction sector according to Balawi in three challenges; beginning with the work of the construction that changes daily, then the same factor which is the worst level according to the expression Balawi for two reasons “the world has a lot of tasks that have to do with all that you want to wear wearables and your review and evaluation. !, the Even if I thought the training and improvement of the construction companies do not have the potential and willingness to bear the costs of training more than 5000 thousand workers.!”

Another challenge is the hardware, some companies failed because they made accessories like a watch or car or even a necklace but it failed and stopped working or even lost or forgotten by the world. “Because it is not originally designed for the environment and work”.!

A company came WakeCap to offer a solution without impact to work through the “head helmet” worn by the client permanently and they can forget about it as they are mow from the groves of the formal work, where the inclusion of a piece of electronic within the helmet of the head. “We’ve confirmed it fixed and don’t need a button to run, and for the entire year without having to charge it”. Moreover all are not asked anything of the world, “wear it in the fine print of”.

Beat WakeCap to these challenges three through connecting the world with the work without introducing any significant adjustments to the work pattern of the interviews, it was consistent with the style of their work is variable.

This ease has helped hundreds of companies in the construction sector, and provided them with several solutions through analysis of customer data such as the distribution of their action points, and protection from accidents and fires by sending alert signal, and measuring stats Multiple about the client. “It was a compilation of such data will take three weeks.”

Some construction companies didn’t seem any welcome the idea, but most large companies have expressed enthusiasm matchless helmet WakeCap, and it adds Balawi, according to his experiences in the construction sector “in the market there are three companies, the worst of them are those companies that do not recognize the existence of the problem of origin, these don’t waste your time with them because they are mostly small companies, then there are great companies and have knowledge of the problem they wish to trade, and Recent are the major companies know the problem and tried to solve it but failed, this company recent easy it was to convince them by virtue of their past experiences, the Facilitated them get other clients by virtue of their size and reputation”

And Wake Cap products(Hardware) and information(Information), the client pays in advance the value of the product “helmet and required to connect a site” and then pay a monthly subscription, or annually on the information obtained by the organization.

How financed the Wake Cap the same?

The company’s financing wasn’t easy, but I started focusing on the construction companies to experience the product, and had success with one of the companies signed a partnership investment which contributed a lot in stimulating a number of investors to enter the round of initial investment.

You may start a financing round of a company that is emerging through a conversation via Snapchat, telling us Balawi that he was subjected to on a noble light by applying Snapchat, and the noble company of the investment fund the two ventures.

“Nabil is one of the more investors, the inspiration reported a participation for the tips, I met a gentleman in America as well as in Dubai, and Noble, entering the round of investment first and don’t make significant contributions to the involvement of other investors, especially from Saudi Arabia”

Secured $ 106 million in a round of initial investment to buy WakeCap, from a group of global investors including the construction company (CCC), Inc. (Graphene Ventures) taken from the Silicon Valley-based, and my Epona of holdings, and (Inspire Ventures), speeding global business (SOSV), and innovation and entrepreneurship at New York University Abu Dhabi (startAD), and (SEDCO Capital).

The company received finally the patent on how to input the sensors to the helmet working without to affect the helmet itself.

And my company’s future expansion in the service provided develop a platform of information and link them to boards smart rely on artificial intelligence techniques to upgrade the safety and efficiency of work in the construction industry.

The company started with just a few employees “didn’t exceed four people”, now has 20 employees, and began to connect the 20 factor just a year ago today exceeded to reaching more than 200,000 square meters.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, the largest market sector interviews construction in the Middle East, according to what announced by the Saudi Commission for contractors within the forum of future projects, it has reached the number of actors participating in disease 23 hand reviewed more than 600 projects worth over 450 million riyals, with the participation of about 1000 fighters and interested sector interviews.

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