How do computer games increase teens' interest in reading and creativity?

For decades, video games have been blamed for teenage violence, ill health, unhappy lives, and more. Parents of some teenagers are dragging representatives of game studios around the courts , accusing them of making their children "addicted to the computer." In the midst of all this confusion, different groups of scientists are trying to study how video games actually affect teens. In most cases, they open only positive effects from spending time in virtual worlds. Previously, they researchers found that all kinds of "shooting" improve the reaction of children, and strategies do develop their ability to make the right decisions in difficult situations. Recently, British scientists conducted a survey, the results of which proved that computer games instill in children a love of reading and creativity. Teens who are seriously interested in the gaming industry can become very erudite people and successful programmers in the future.

Teenagers are very interested in computer games and there is nothing wrong with that.

Родители действительно подают на игровые студии в суд. В 2019 году несколько родителей подали в суд на разработчика Epic Games за создание игры Fortnite. По мнению родителей, компания намеренно создала слишком захватывающую игру, чтобы вызвать у их детей «зависимость».


The benefits of computer games

The results of the scientific work were published on the website of the National Literacy Foundation . As part of the study, its employees conducted a survey among 4,626 video game fans aged 11-16 years. Using a series of questions, the scientists wanted to find out how much and what exactly they read and what kind of creativity they like to do. They also examined how video games can help children find new friends and how they affect their relationship with their parents. The results of the survey turned out to be such that adolescents can be praised – it seems that a very well-read and creative generation is growing with grandiose goals in life.

Children have been playing video games for a long time, but for some reason, their dangers have been talked about only recently.

Games instill an interest in reading

The poll showed that boys like video games the most. But there are also girls among young gamers, and their number is growing every year. About 79% of the teenagers surveyed answered that they actively read various materials on video games: reviews, fan stories and books. One in three of them reported that articles about video games sparked their interest in reading in general. And even if they obviously do not read the world classics, but all kinds of science fiction, it still broadens their horizons and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are many books on game universes in the world. For example, according to the cult "Warcraft"

Games develop creativity

Also, 62.5% of the teenagers surveyed reported that they are actively involved in creative work related to the topic of video games. It's about writing stories, how-tos and reviews, and so on. They are probably also trying to shoot videos and broadcast live, which is also okay. Writing scripts, editing videos, coming up with new ideas – all this refers to active creativity and teenagers regularly learn something new. Some of the teenagers interviewed mentioned that they would like to develop video games in the future. But some of them can really become famous developers or, at least, master programming well and one of the promising professions of the future .

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Games help communicate

Parents of teenagers also participated in the survey. More than half of them reported that video games helped their children calmly wait out the isolation associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The teenagers confirmed that they did not feel anxiety. But most adults in 2020 fell into a severe state of stress, the danger of which we have repeatedly mentioned. But, it turns out, it was only necessary to calm down, follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and play video games.

Done right, video games can improve family relationships

Finally, a survey found that video games improve the way teens communicate with parents and friends. As many as 76% of respondents answered that they discuss video games with loved ones. And those who are addicted to reading books added that at times they also discuss literary works. Of course, all this was possible only with a calm attitude of parents to video games. Children, in turn, must also take responsibility for the time they spend at the computer and the game console. Entertainment and broadening one's horizons are, of course, good, but they do not cancel study and household chores.

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The author of Ilya Khel wrote about the impact of video games on the psyche and physiology of children. He spoke in detail about whether people can simultaneously virtual and real life. The material turned out to be great, so I recommend reading it right now.

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