How do I use Google Assistant

Due to the fact that for a long time my primary smartphone was the iPhone, I didn’t know the other voice assistants, except Siri. Accustomed to atalanti brand of Apple products, I could hardly believe that someone could do something better. However, Google are ahead of Apple on this part for several years, developing an almost perfect assistant, which has helped me many times. And because he lives not only in smartphone but also in a smart column Google Home mini, which I got, not to lose the skill of work with Google Assistant after the transition to “Alice”, I can relate to it, even if the smartphone is not at hand.

The voice Assistant Google can be scary or not like it, but this is a great voice assistant

Google Assistant for Android has received a new mode

For me Google Assistant is not just voice assistant that allows you to dictate search queries. This is a real substitute for many applications and my personal Secretary, to whom I can give is really important order.

How to use Google Assistant

I used the app “Weather” from Yahoo, because I liked its design. Its interface really was beautiful and also clear. If it rained, the screen was in the drops, if there was a thunderstorm, he sparkled if the sun shone, he shone with it. However, at some point I realized that beauty and aesthetics in this case are not as important as efficiency. So I didn’t even notice how I stopped opening the app “Weather”, and began to check on weather Google Assistant. It was simple enough to utter the phrase “OK, Google” and ask what the outside temperature is now how it will change in an hour, a day or a week. It doesn’t even need to look at the screen, the assistant said to the whole Outlook as brief as possible but informative.

Google has taught the Google Assistant to read the text on the screen aloud

I never understood how people use apps for planning Affairs. I myself regularly trying to comprehend all the charm of this kind of software, but have invariably come across a genuine misunderstanding. I corny it was easier to write it on a piece of paper and put it near the computer. However, Google Assistant all much easier. Now I just call a helper, tell him what I need to remind and at what time, and he just does it. It turned out to be even more effective, because the leaf, if he was lying in front of me long enough time to become familiar and eventually I ceased to notice it. Google Assistant is no such problem.

Translator from English to Russian

Despite the fact that I speak English Mordovian accent, that is pretty mediocre, my knowledge, usually for travel to foreign countries, understanding pointers in airports and even reading books in the original. However, sometimes it happens that due to some words the understanding of the text is completely falling apart. This happens infrequently, and therefore hold for this app “Google Translator” I absolutely do not want. However, here comes to the aid of the Google Assistant, which already has built-in translation feature. She works as a verbal, that is, I can say the word and ask you to find his counterpart in the desired language, or just a picture of text and get the translation in a printed format.

Google turned Google Assistant, your personal Secretary

Generally, Google is good Assistant frees up your hands, if you find out that he is able not only to search the Internet. One of the functions of the Google assistant, which I really appreciate, is the ability to send messages in WhatsApp and Telegram voice. The same Alice can not do. And in the case of an assistant, it is sufficient to say the command “Send message to [name of messenger]”, select the recipient, dictate a text and submit. However, it is important to remember that Google Assistant is looking for a destination not on the list of your chat messenger, and address book.

How to return the money for the app

To return the application in Google Play is easier

I haven’t downloaded from Google Play new apps, but there was a time when I experimented with new software. That’s just to buy a new one FOR I desire especially is not burned, because I was not sure about its quality – in the end, this is not the App Store. However, after I learned that Google Assistant makes it easy to return the app back in a matter of seconds, I absolutely ceased to be afraid. Not to say that the return had very often the contrary. But thanks to the sense of possibility in which case the transaction rolls back I started to buy significantly more applications. Apparently, at some point they became so numerous that the need for new disappeared almost two years ago and lasts until now.

Huawei has unveiled a voice assistant Celia for Android

What else is Google Assistant:

  • Tracks parcels;
  • Performs mathematical calculations;
  • Checks financial market data;
  • Put the alarm clock;
  • Maintains a shopping list;
  • Talks about the nutritional value of products.

I like Google Assistant. Despite the fact that on the smartphone I usually use Alice from time to time I still go back to the assistant from the search giant and use it. And it had to do less often, I even bought a smart column Google Home mini. Of course, initially it was supposed to be a hub for smart home control, but at some point I realized that it can be used when Alice is not able to fulfill my request.

PS I Want the ability to run on a smartphone from two assistants without having to switch between them in settings.

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