How do the most famous people in the world of cryptocurrency behave on Twitter?

Many well-known personalities in the cryptoindustry use Twitter as their main social platform. Here they share information – and sometimes misinformation – about their projects, investments, and many other interesting things. A group of experts from the news outlet Cointelegraph analyzed the behavior of some celebrities in the crypt and revealed several interesting facts about their habits.

Напомним, Твиттер является обязательной платформой для использования подавляющим большинством криптовалютных проектов. Именно там появляются все важные анонсы, ссылки и в том числе громкие разборки в индустрии. Например, в начале месяца поклонник Биткоина Адам Бэк уравнял Эфириум с финансовой пирамидой, благодаря чему привлёк негативное внимание со стороны некоторых подписчиков. Подробнее о ситуации читайте в отдельном материале .

The cryptocurrency industry on Twitter

Thirteen famous crypto enthusiasts, including the founders of the Gemini exchange, the Winklevoss brothers, were included in the list of accounts studied. Their preferences were studied separately, so they occupy two different positions. The criteria for compiling the list are high activity, the presence of a working cryptocurrency project and a large number of subscribers. For each of the thirteen people, the last 1000 tweets about cryptocurrencies were examined.

cryptocurrencies twitter list

List of Celebrities Researched with Their Preferred Posting Platforms and Followers

As it turns out, 7 out of 13 celebrities rely on Twitter's regular web interface to post their posts. The remaining six prefer the mobile version of the platform: two use iPhones, and four post with Android. It's funny that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin almost always uses the web interface. At least the researchers never found out which mobile operating system Buterin prefers.

For example, this tweet shows that Vitalik is indeed using the Twitter web interface. In other words, it forms its thoughts in a browser, and not in some well-known social network client.

Meanwhile, the Winklevoss twins share not only looks, but the same preferences – both use the mobile version of Twitter on iPhone. At the same time, among all the crypto-celebrities, Tyler Winklevoss was the most active user on the list : he was able to publish a thousand tweets since mid-June.

А вот совладелец Bitmain Джихан Ву и гендиректор Ripple Брэд Гарлингхаус оказались в самом конце рейтинга активности. У них нет даже тысячи твитов о крипте.

Almost all of the accounts under study post on their own schedule. Several trends have been noticed: for example, Brad Garlinghouse, brothers Winklevoss and Barry Silbert prefer not to work with Twitter on weekends. By contrast, Adam Back, a well-known Bitcoin developer, tweets mostly during the weekends.

К сожалению, проанализировать постинг по времени в сутках достаточно сложно, ведь почти все из упомянутых известных личностей часто путешествуют по миру, то есть их часовой пояс часто меняется.

Cointelegraph also found out the necessary information "first-hand" – the experts turned directly to celebrities with their questions. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee noted that he uses his account mainly for "announcing news related to Litecoin and for shitposting." That is, various not particularly semantic publications.

Adam Back is also inclined to a similar idea – in his words, Twitter is "made for idle chatter and entertainment."

Twitter is purely for chatting and entertainment. If you are not having fun while using the social platform, you are doing it wrong. Stay helpful, true to yourself, or just have fun with useless conversations.

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson said that his favorite social media account is Elon Musk, and he uses Twitter to get the latest news in the industry. By the way, you can still find them in our Yandex Zen .

Твиттер — одна из самых используемых платформ для подавляющего большинства криптоэнтузиастов. Неудивительно, что она популярна среди лидеров индустрии цифровых активов. И эта тенденция сохраняется, даже несмотря на недавний взлом площадки , который привел к массовой рекламе мошеннической схемы с использованием аккаунтов большого количества знаменитостей.

We believe that Twitter is a must for any cryptocurrency owner. So it will turn out to instantly learn new information, which, among other things, is able to help you earn or not lose money.

What do you think about this? Share your opinion in our crypto chat millionaires.


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