How do the producers justify the disappearance of the 3.5 mm Jack, and why all this crap?

More and more manufacturers abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack. One of the first familiar item lost iPhone 7. Subsequently, without the mini-Jack is now smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and in the coming months will see the light of OnePlus 6T — also without audio.

The manufacturers explain that in this way they want to increase the volume of batteries and ease of the enclosure. And in General, it is believed that future wireless technologies. Edition Android Authority told why all the explanations companies is incorrect and meaningless.

The rejection of the connector in order to increase battery

This explanation seems quite logical — if the 3.5 mm Jack really takes a lot of space, its absence will free up more space for the battery. Unfortunately, the autonomy of smartphones rarely increases due to the removal of the mini-Jack.

For example, the HTC 10 is equipped with a 3.5 connector and battery on 3000 mAh. However, his successor HTC U11 devoid of nests, but has the same battery 3000 mAh.

The difference is barely noticeable even in Apple products: iPhone 6 with 3.5 mm Jack equipped with a battery on 1810 mAh. In iPhone 8 mini Jack disappeared, and the volume of the battery amounted to 1821 mAh. Is it worth the meager increase capacity by a complete rejection of wired headphones?

In other smartphones the difference is visible, but it is worth considering that the capacity of batteries grew in proportion to the increase in the diagonal displays. Hence, the increase occurred not so much due to getting rid of the mini-Jack, how much of the increase in size of the corps.

Removal of the nest in favor of lightness

In this case, the table shows that lack of contact does not reduce the weight devices, and Vice versa — magically increases.

For example, the IPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display, 1810 mAh battery and a 3.5 mm Jack weighs 129 grams. With this iPhone 8 with the same screen and battery stripped Jack, but is more weight — 148 grams.

This verdict Android Authority you can count controversial. Likely to cause weight gain iPhone 8 is the presence of the induction module, which is not the iPhone 6.

“The future of wireless technologies”

In an interview for TechRadar OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced that now is the best time to transition to wireless headphones. According to the estimates of, 59% of smartphone owners OnePlus have become accustomed to a Bluetooth device, and the rest, apparently, does not remain anything, except how to get used to.

Even the head of the company Master & Dynamic for the production of wireless audio Jonathan Levin acknowledged that manufacturers should not forget about the lovers of wired headphones.

“Sometimes you just want or really need to connect [wired] headphones, and we understand it”.

Thus, the assertion of the necessity of immediate transition to wireless technology is also under question. If “now is the best time to change over to wireless headphones”, then according to whose clock?

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