How do wireless charging?

Starting with the iPhone 8, Apple began to introduce in their devices, wireless charging on an open standard, Qi (correctly pronounced as “Qi”). Large companies like IKEA and small firms started to produce as a separate charge, and other products (table lamp, for example) with the ability to recharge the phone. Even Apple wanted to release my charger AirPower, but something went wrong.

Wireless charging is the future or marketing ploy?

So wireless charging really nice and comfortable, and we just must she go? Or is it just another marketing ploy aimed to get additional profit of the companies-manufacturers of devices? Let’s see.

The article contains the author’s subjective view, flavored with value judgments, all kinds of irony, sarcasm, hyperbole, metaphors and unique humour. If you are not ready for this, read a better article about what is Dolby Atmos and why is it in the iPhone. And be sure to leave a comment. Remember that every comment on extends the battery power an iPhone for 20 minutes.

Why do you need wireless charging? First, it is beautiful

The pros of wireless charging

  • Convenience and aesthetics. The main advantage for which everyone buys bundles of wireless charging is convenience. Don’t need any wires constantly insert into the connector. This is especially annoying in the car when on the go need to get to the connector. Still cable this constantly lying. Whether it is wireless. Came to work or home, threw the phone on the stand charging went.

    If you equip these charges all the places where you can put your phone (working place, bedside table, car) and to accustom yourself continually to post them on the iPhone, you will forget all about a dead cell phone. Continuously, while your device is idle, it will recharge. Comfortable? Of course. For fans to listen to music on wired headphones wireless charging is a great alternative to hanging the adapter. Finally, you can simultaneously charge your phone and listen to the broadcast of the presentation of the Apple headphones. Just magic of some kind.

Wireless charging was to equalize the iPhone and Android at least something

  • Compatibility. The second fat plus, which pleased all the smartphone users. No more problems with charging in public places — Qi-charging versatile and suitable for any smartphones. Lightning in your smartphone or USB-To — do anyway. Throw your Xiaomi Mi iPhone SE 8 or 11 Pro Max on a special Mat in the café and charge the phone while “they” themselves. No longer need to ask the waiters charging cable or to carry your.

    I, for example, such exercises helped in Riga, when he left the hotel without cable. The phone sat, and the café had tables placed Qi-charging. While drinking coffee, managed to recharge the phone to take pictures of the beauty of the Old City. In addition, you will not need to insert into your iPhone unfamiliar cables that may be unsafe.

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Cons wireless charging

  • Low charging rate. Wireless charging “saturates” the energy of the battery of your smartphone is considerably slower than a wired connection. Here it is in low efficiency of the process of energy transfer and low power devices. Have wireless charging efficiency is about 80% when wired 95-98%. To make the charge more powerful than wired, it is impossible because of the danger of strong electromagnetic radiation on human health. In addition, while in charge would have to place a powerful transformer. Not the most elegant solution. The only way to somehow speed up the process is to use a more powerful charger, for example, from iPad. With the standard iPhone your phone will charge forever.

Some things from IKEA have a built-in wireless charging

  • Inconvenience in some cases. It is not always convenient to use the device simultaneously with wireless charging. Keep the phone in the hands when typing just will not work. To answer a call without headphones or a speaker phone too. Put iPhone on charge in a posh Audi Q8 husband (or wife) — everybody no more turning blog on Yandex.Zen. To read, of course, possible. But not leaning back in the chair, and bent over the armrest, where the charge is located.

    Fans of wired headphones must be careful of the awkward movement of his head, and your phone will fly with a charging station. Yes and the charging to be called “wireless” can be rather conditional. The wire from the Mat still goes takes a seat on the table and plugged in. Of course, if you don’t buy any lamp or bedside table, where wireless charging is a bonus.

How it should look like AirPower. But it did not

  • Overheating of the device. Physics with wireless charging is that at this time, the phone heats up significantly more. Especially if you will use it. To burn it is, of course, will not burn. But gentle fingers to take up to be uncomfortable. Experts say that just by this reason, Apple refused to release of its AirPower. The company was not able to combine their own idea about the appearance of the device with the safety of its use.
  • Possible errors when charging. One of the most frequent claims to wireless charging — the need to accurately combine inductors in the devices. Almost missed it — and charging is stopped. If left phone to charge overnight, the morning can see that he is not charged. Whether he almost slipped from the required zones by vibration of phone from messages, or the “base” something happened, but the charging stopped after a half an hour after the start. With the cable this will not happen if he is healthy.

Not all cases will work with wireless charging

  • Incompatibility with some cases. For wireless charging you need to minimize the distance between the inductance coils of the smartphone and the “base”, among them preferably the minimum of obstacles.

    Your gorgeous case spongebob can be an insurmountable barrier to electromagnetic radiation wireless charging. And do with it anything — just have to remove the cover before installing on the stand. Or find another. Moreover, even when you have two identical cover, one charge might not go. Apparently, even a micron of error in manufacture or material in this case have an influence.

Looks like the induction coil in iPhone

  • No more aluminum iPhone. And that is a shame. Wireless charging has taken our aluminum case iPhone. In 2016 at Foxconn have been testing wireless charging for the iPhone. It turned out that the aluminum case causes interference and makes the process of saraiki extremely nestabilan.

    Yes, even in 2015, Qualcomm has developed WiPower technology, which metal between the coils is not a hindrance. But while this technology has not gone in the series, and we use induction charging. Thus, for several years, Apple only makes the iPhone. Yes, this year it is matte. And it is unlikely in the foreseeable future, we again get a nice metal iPhone, which was my beloved iPhone 5S.

AirPods wireless charging stand for 3500 rubles more expensive than usual. Is it worth it?

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  • Cost.To equip your life with wireless charging, you will need to shell out a tidy sum. At least two table stand: home and work charging in the car, if not built-in. Don’t forget the powerful power adapters, odnoimennyi just will not work. And that’s passed over already 5000-10000 rubles. And because you want AirPods wireless charging? Pay 3,500 rubles.

    And don’t forget the cost of the chips and coils installed in the iPhone itself. The price of the components responsible for wireless charging is about $ 9. Given that the device’s cost after the market eventually was raised three times for the same module you pay about $ 27. For the Russian retail the difference increases even more. Refused would you want wireless charging for discounts in 3500 rubles, as in the AirPods?

Wireless charging, of course, technically interesting thing. No wonder, in his time, Nikola Tesla spent so much time learning the ways of wireless transmission of electricity. Although for me the wireless charging cons outweigh the pros, and stand from Belkin is not the case.

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