How do you beat the Motorola Razr on the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Motorola announced yesterday on the phone Motorola Razr new running Android, and comes foldable screen, which looks like her old cell phone Razr V3, which was launched for the first time in 2004.

Phone Motorola Razr running Android ‘s second major challenge we have experienced a Samsung phone (Galaxy Fold) with foldable screen after Phone Microsoft Surface Duo which was announced last month.

But Motorola no longer is the strongest due to what is enjoyed by her old cell phone the Motorola Razr V3 from popular since its launch, this is due to its design possible, and its thickness is high, and its bright colors at that time, as to phone the new Motorola came at a time when the users of the drawbacks of Samsung, whose price reaches up to $ 2000, comes with a screen polymer you need to handle them with caution so as not to break.

How to avoid Motorola phone new Motorola Razr errors Samsung phone its Galaxy Fold?

1 – screen the most powerful:

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كيف تغلب Motorola Razr على عيوب هاتف سامسونج Galaxy Fold؟

Comes phone Motorola Razr screen folding to the inside of the kind of OLED Flex the size of 6.2 inches, and accurately 2142 x 876 pixels, and the company name larger Flex View, and feature cinematic vision Cinemavision, providing the dimensions of the very clear the same that used by the film industry.

And when you close the phone there is a small screen bearing the name of the Quick View on the outer surface of the device OLED, led by 2.7 inches, and accurately 600 x 800 pixels, which allows the use of the phone without opening it to check messages, incoming calls, and notifications, coupled with turn on and off some of the basic settings, control music playback, switch to the Assistant Google Google Voice Assistant.

Motorola announced that it has full confidence in the follow-up screen of the Motorola Razr, the new, as they use a special coating to resist exposure to any problems caused by folded multiple times.

So you think the biggest advantage of the Motorola device to screen his work, while Samsung uses in her phone, folding screen is a polymer made specially for the phone, which is extremely delicate, prone to damage to the extent that Samsung published the manual of the phone includes special warnings so as not to phone you up the price to $ 2000 for breakage.

Alerted Samsung to the need to keep the Galaxy Fold away from water, dust, and car keys, and some other elements such as: credit cards which can cause disruption of magnetic fold.

2. design of the fold:

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei phone Mate X – which depends on the foldable design allows the use of the device as a phone and as an organ tablet – the Motorola returned to ask her old cell phone but with the use of a folding screen engineering simple to provide a small size more suitable for the pocket, as well as to facilitate use with one hand.

What you can see in the following GIF image is that Motorola has three slabs of steel on the connection semi-permanent joints, where they are designed tailor-made to provide space inside when closed so that the company can involve inside them easily, while you can’t get the radius too small on the OLED screen folding, but Motorola discovered how to absorb it more effectively than the Samsung.

كيف تغلب Motorola Razr على عيوب هاتف سامسونج Galaxy Fold؟

It was the launch of the Galaxy Fold of Samsung due to the desire to acquisition the largest percentage of the market for flip phones, but Samsung has established itself so in the knowledge of Engineering is very difficult, so it is not surprising that they couldn’t achieve the think about.

Motorola’s trying to also compete through the revitalization of business relationship is old smart phones, but since Motorola has chosen to fight to the geometry correct I have a better chance to win.

3 – the cheapest foldable phone in the market:

Comes phone the Motorola Razr is priced at $ 1500, will be available during the month of January in the United States, that up to global markets through 2020.

Thus is Cheaper foldable phone in the market, but at the same time the most expensive price of any phone leading available in the market even from the iPhone the same New.

Think Motorola on nostalgia to attract buyers, it also depends on the portability of the fold to the interior, where it’s the first foldable phone remains the size of the phone compact when you open it instead of talking into a tablet.

Worried about the slow performance:

In spite of all the features already mentioned, works phone Motorola Razr the new processor Snapdragon 710 from Qualcomm – which of the available processors performance – with a random access memory with a capacity of 6 GB, and internal storage of 128 GB. But Motorola chose this processor to preserve battery life, as it is likely the development of the phone significantly in the future.

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