How do you connect Xbox One console to Windows 10 computer?

If you play video games on your Windows 10 computer, you can use the mouse and keyboard for shooting and strategy games, and you can easily pair an Xbox One controller, which allows you to use it with any Windows 10 compatible game.

How can you easily connect Xbox One console to Windows 10 computer?

How to determine which controllers support bluetooth connectivity?

On controllers that support Bluetooth connectivity, the plastic around the Xbox button is part of the console front, while on non-Bluetooth controllers the plastic around the Xbox button is the color of the bumpers at the top.

How do you connect Xbox One console to Windows 10 computer?

First: How to connect the Xbox One console to a computer via bluetooth:

  • Turn on the console by pressing the Xbox logo.
  • Turn on the bluetooth connection on your Windows 10 computer, either in the notification center, or in the computer settings menu, or type (Bluetooth) in the search box next to the Windows logo.
  • Press and hold the call button on the console for 3 seconds, you will see the Xbox button start to flash quickly.
  • Your computer will automatically detect the Xbox One wireless controller and prompt you to pair the devices. If this happens, press the “Pair” option in the Bluetooth settings menu. If not, then proceed to the next step.
  • In the window for Bluetooth settings, click on the option (Add Bluetooth and other devices) Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • In the new (Add a device) window, select (Bluetooth) Bluetooth, and the computer will start searching for available devices.
  • Once done, your console will appear in the list of available devices, select it and then press the option (Done).

Second: How to connect to the computer console via USB:

Using a USB cable is the easiest way to use any type of Xbox One console on a Windows 10 computer, and it supports Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One Elite models.

All Xbox One console models have a built-in Micro USB connector that allows you to connect it directly to your computer using a Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable, and since Windows 10 can automatically recognize connected controllers, the pairing process is very easy.

  • Connect the USB cable to the Windows 10 computer.
  • Connect the Micro USB terminal to the Xbox One console
  • Click on the Xbox logo on your console to turn it on.

Note : If you see a flash for a while then it stops then the controller battery may be low, or the cable you are using may be for charging only and not for data, if you know your console is charged then try using a different Micro USB cable.

  • Once connected, your Windows 10 computer should automatically detect your Xbox One console.
  • Now you can use it to play console support video games directly.

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