How do you delete all emails once for Android phones

How do you delete all emails once for Android phones, is email one of ways to very useful to exchange messages around the world through various platforms such as Yahoo Razer burst and many others known and unknown, is considered the e-mail of the oldest methods commonly used terms used by people around the world since the sixties almost and used during this period on a very limited scale over the decades the adjusted means of the use of the e-mail where he began covering business transactions and personal interviews in this article we’ll be stealing a few easy steps to find out how you delete all e-mails are a for Android devices .

Who doesn’t need his inbox. many of the messages as it receives all of the more than 50 messages a day through the channels that we track sites that offer you the latest bride cuts a lot of the messages that we receive and is very confusing to the user when searching for the message that counts, so if you need to delete e-mails, old or unnecessary, the deletion of messages once one of the ways that can help you .

As we all know, of all the platforms used in sending and receiving messages is the Gmail of the most commonly used among all the catwalks after the emergence of Android frequent use, where it has become necessary to have an account on Gmail so you can run the phone for the first time, but the only downside in the application is that it does not contain the feature to specify all messages until you delete them once like all the other platforms but in this article we have provided you with alternative methods .

How do you delete all emails once for Android phones

Offer you through these steps, conventional method to delete all e-mails in the application of the Gmail .

The first step :

The first step is to open the application الـGmail and to the inbox that contains emails that you want to delete and you can choose the type of messages where the app provides several options, such as basic messages, social media messages and sites which support letters for organizations you can also select all messages if you want to show all messages without having to switch from one folder to another .


The second step :

After selecting the type of messages that you want to delete you now select a message by clicking on the shape ring at the far right of the message and selecting the message after the other but if you open the message by mistake. this does not affect your choices all enough to press the back button to return to facilitate identifying messages .

The second step :

Due to the lack of searched all the messages in the platform of Gmail, you must select a message after the other and this must be very stressful, especially if it needs your email to thousands of messages but this method is followed in the platform الـGmail .

The fourth step :

After you select the messages you want to delete you now press the Delete button at the top to delete the messages that you have selected at once .

The Email application Lightning to delete e-mails once

If you still want a way through which you can delete e-mails once without having to follow the traditional way in the deletion of messages ensures that you take a look on how to delete them using one of the applications .

We offer you one of these applications that you can use it in delete all messages at once which is the Email application Lightning programmed by the Edison Software which contains a large proportion of the transfers from users and also holds a 4.5 star rating in the Google Play, and this is one of the best applications of the e-mail in Google Play, where it has a simplified interface, easy to use and compatible with all systems, almost like Office 365, Yahoo, AOL,Hotmail,Outlook many of the other platforms regardless of the great potential that enjoyed by the app to delete all e-mails in bulk it also contains many other great features that can help you manage e-mails .

Features of the Email application Lightning :

  • The management of e-mail messages .
  • The user interface is easy and simple .
  • View all contributions in one place .
  • Deleted mail messages are not important with one mouse click .
  • Blocked senders unwanted .
  • The Prohibition of mail messages randomization .

How you use the Email application Lightning to delete e-mails once

  • At first you download and install the app from this link .
  • After opening the application we choose the Gmail .

  • We then clicking on the menu from the top left .
  • Then we logged into our account on the Gmail to pick the messages you want to delete .

  • Then we select one message from the messages you want to delete and then determined say by clicking on the icon Select all from the top to delete the messages once .
  • Then after that we are pressing on the Delete icon .

Through the steps up we may have to delete all the emails once successfully please note that the Google Play Store contains many applications that provide the same service and have to say choosing the application hurt fits your needs which you feel comfortable in dealing with him .


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