How do you delete apps installed on your phone already

It is known that many manufacturers of mobile phones working on the inclusion of many of the applications within its own operating system which is Android system with Google. That lend privacy to the system by providing his application manufacturer.

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Many of these applications may not need user effectively, which occupies the space of the phone memory it works in the background of system level which may lead to the consumption of memory space not to mention the phone battery.

The operating system here. Does give you the option of deleting any of those apps and Uninstall as is the case for applications that we installed from the Google Play Store is individually. There is no option for the alliance, but in exchange for that option to disable those apps Disable to stop working in the background, but in contrast the rest of the content to the area of the phone’s internal memory.

In this article we will share with you the default way that helps you to remove any application without resorting to the option of breaking the protection, or get the validity of the root Root, which means that you can delete the app without losing that warranty period of your phone as is the case when resorting to the option to root is the.

How do you delete apps installed on your phone already

Went to Settings Phone settings.

Including to Apps Apps and tap on Application Manager Application Manager

Choose the app or apps that you want to disable her, here to sign its work Force Stop and then disable the Disable.

Here, we would modify the app to save RAM consumption of those applications processor.

But in order to delete the app when we delete option Uninstall we have to follow the following method.

How do you delete apps via the Debloater

Debloater program specialist working systems, Windows, and through him have access to the applications installed on your phone mobile been you the option to delete it.

Work on download the program from the following link:


Running it on the computer and then rush to your mobile phone, have here do the work of the system developers developer option. That are available from the settings of the phone to About Phone and from there to the Build Number. The tops here by clicking on the Build Number several times until a message appears stating that the activation system developer.

To return back you’ll find the option in the developer option in the settings. Log in to you activate the option USB Debugging.

Working now link your phone to a computer via the USB cable.

When he discovers the program debloater connect your phone to your computer you will see the following message, which don’t require you to be approved.

The tops here by clicking on the appropriate Read Phone Packages to work the software to read the installed applications on the phone.

When you view the names of applications installed on the phone. You have to tick “right” on the app that you want to get rid of them the right attitude, you can choose more than one apply, and then click on Apply.

Wait until the end of the task. You can now disconnect the phone and transfer cable and to your mobile phone where you won’t find the apps that you’ve chosen which were within the operating system by default.


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