How do you do dark mode all the apps Google?

Was the choice of the user between the appearance of the normal white or the appearance of the dark dark view of applications depends on his taste, but with clarification of the Google effect of the dark mode to save battery power by up to 60% on the phones screen Olid may have some design in dark mode, so to you Apps Google that supports Dark Mode and manner of doing it with all of them:


On the desktop: click on your profile photo, and tape in front of the appearance of dark colors or Dark Theme.

On Android: Go to Settings > General and then slide the ribbon in front of the appearance of the dark.

And iOS guide to and to choice dark appearance.


On the messaging app of Android known newly as the Messages, you can click on the three dots in the top left corner to find the option to activate the situation opaque.

Keyboard Gboard

Click and hold on the icon came and then choose the Settings icon and appearance where you will find the options in black.

Pixel one

While not supported by Android itself run afoul of the devices pixels talking time dark automatically when you set background colors, dim, knowing that this situation is limited on some of the menus and windows of the system.

Application news

Click on the profile icon to the Settings option, where you’ll find the option for appearance beliefs, which you can customize it to always or automatically at night to preserve battery or to save battery only or cancel its use at all.

Google Maps

The situation is not generalized in the whole application, focusing on Navigation Maps, and can be activated to open the side menu and access the settings , and then choose alert settings -the last on the list and not the first option – then drag down and select the “night” colors of the maps view.

Gmail (on the web)

Click on the Settings icon one of Gmail and then choose the awning for the option of opaque or dark.


Application to edit your photos from Google, featuring the situation of Dark (Dark Theme) within the Department of appearance in the settings.

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