How do you do dark mode on the iPhone X and XS and XR

Can put a dark improve vision and reduce eye fatigue at night, and on phones with OLED supply life of the battery for a few minutes so you don’t need this type of tea to energy for lighting black color.

Dark mode on the iPhone X and XS and XR

Water existing from iOS 11, known as “reverse intelligent” (Smart Invert), and you can perform on any iPhone, iPad, and supports water, where the changed system colors for several MMORPG photos.

Launched to apply the settings and head to general.

Choose access.

Choose facility screen.

Choose Invert Colors.

Finally, did the option “reverse intelligent“.

This provides another feature called “reverse Classic” is very much useful in improving the visibility and accelerate the read the article, but their impact includes the audio media.

To activate the opposite the classic guide to Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors.

Activate “reverse classic“.


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